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10 Best Father’s Day Gifts For The Outdoor Dad

Forgot dad’s day is coming up? Nothing ordered? Nothing planned? Chill! 50 Campfires has you covered.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, we have 10 of the best Father’s Day gifts for the outdoor dad, just a couple of clicks away from being on their way … with plenty of time to spare … if you’re a fast gift-wrapper!

If you’re looking to make memorable moments this Father’s Day check out three inexpensive, close-to-home activities to share with the Old Man! He’ll love you even more, if that’s possible.

And please … give our best to the guy who first took you camping!

Essentials For Dad

Father's Day gifts
Case fillet knife

Every dad needs a fillet knife. Specifically, they need one that is durable, holds an edge, and is comfortable in the hand. Case fillet knifes are made from stainless steel, come with a fitted sheath for storage, and holds a great edge. You might not help with the filleting, but you can do Dad a giant favor and get him a great knife to make his job easier.

Price: $29.99

father's day gifts
Flowfold wallet
Wallets can be a pain in the butt. Literally. Flowfold designs sophisticated, rugged wallets and accessories for guys on the go. Their Vanguard Billfold is the perfect solution for keeping cards and money stored securely in a streamlined design. It’s also got a lifetime warranty, water resistant, and it is so lightweight that it actually floats.

Price: $25.00

father's day gifts
Eureka Glide 115 Lantern/Flashlight
Would Dad rather have a small lantern or a portable flashlight? Why not get him both in one unit. Enter the Eureka Glide 115 Lantern/Flashlight. The Telescopic housing enables transformation from flashlight to area lantern in one easy motion. The housing itself is made of aluminum with a great, anodized finish. For a lantern/flashlight that you can easily fit in your pocket, you’re getting a ton of functionality and a surprisingly bright light.

Price: $29.99

father's day gifts
Lorpen Light Hikers
We know. Socks don’t seem like the most exciting gift in the world but we promise dad will love these Lorpen Light Hikers. These merino wool socks are ultra-comfortable, wick moisture like crazy, and have an awesome venting system designed into the top, which adds a ton of breathability. Dad might not be thrilled to get “normal” socks but these are so amazing, he’ll wear them once and thank you after.

Price: $17.99

father's day gifts
Chasing Rumor
Even when most of the stuff we read is online, the right book still makes a great gift. If you’ve got a dad that loves to fish, we promise he will love this Chasing Rumors book. It starts as a journey to find an elusively large trout and in the process turns into a full exploration of the ups-and-downs, joys and hardship, and the realization and understanding of the true meaning of a fishing adventure.

Price: $13.61

Gadgets For Dad

father's day gifts
Tile chip

The best camping gear in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t find it! Tile is a small Bluetooth chip that you can attach to sleeping bags, lanterns, or anything else you want to keep track of. They’re especially handy in group camping scenarios because it’s easy to see if your precious gear actually made it back into your car.

Price: $20.00

father's day gifts
Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman
Finally there is a product made that combines four essential tools into one ultimate camping tool. The Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman is the survival tool you are looking for. It converts to a tomahawk-style axe with a 5″ blade and 15″ bow saw that cuts up to 4″ thick wood. It also includes a mallet and stake puller to help you set up camp and take it down with ease.

Price: $44.99

father's day gift
Handpresso Wild Hybrid
Just because you’re sleeping on the ground when you’re camping doesn’t mean that you also have to drink crappy coffee. The Handpresso Wild Hybrid will allow you to churn out a nice espresso complete with crema, thanks to the high pressure you can achieve.

Price: $127.00

father's day gifts
Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro
The Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro is a flashlight, wireless speaker and power bank all in one. It straps on your bike easily and will seriously upgrade your commute. Oh – it also has a built-in microphone so you can keep both hands on your handlebars while taking a call. You’ll get 10 hours of playtime too. Impressive.

Price: $39.95

father's day gifts
Take the guesswork out of grilling by monitoring those big steaks remotely. Throw steaks and chicken on the grill, clip the monitor on your belt, and play a game of bocce. Maybe you just want to prepare the side dishes without worrying about overcooking that $20 steak. Ivation has you covered.

Price: $59.99

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