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12 Outdoor Gifts That Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Whether you just need "one more thing" to balance out the gift lists between the kids or you have a whole raft of folks on the "nice list" with stockings to fill, these outdoor gifts are perfect choices. They're small for stocking stuffing (... or easy, inexpensive shipping), they're universally useful and appreciated, and - best of all - you can buy a bunch of them without maxing out your credit card. Each of these gift ideas shows you share an appreciation and understanding for authentic outdoor experiences. Don't delay, get them all today.

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We hope that you like these gift ideas as much as we do. Just a heads up - 50 Campfires may receive a small commission on products you buy on this page. Hey, we've gotta keep the lights on!

Jetboil Crunchit Recycling Tool

$5.99 REI Jetboil Crunchit Recycling ToolBuilt with lightweight yet rugged stainless steel construction, the Jetboil Crunchit Recycling Tool lets you puncture empty Jetboil Jetpower and other brands of isobutene fuel canisters to make them safe and ready for the recycling bin. This handy tool also includes a bottle opener, and it conveniently clips to a carabiner or key ring so you won’t misplace it. Also incorporates a 1-ounce Jetboil orifice wrench. If you use a Jetboil, you need this tool. Anyone who uses a Jetboil or similar stove needs this tool! Get it here.

Lodge Mini Cast Iron Skillet - Just 3.5"

$6.50 Lodge mini cast iron skillet is just 3.5 inches across - single cookie size! This is a miniaturized version of the legendary Lodge Cast iron skillet. Just like it’s full-sized predecessors, it comes seasoned with oil for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use. Made at the Lodge factory in Tennessee, these cooking gems are easy care: hand wash, dry, and rub with cooking oil. Tha t’s it. This tiny size is perfect for frying a single egg, preparing individual cookies or presenting a single-serve brownie topped with ice cream. So cute, and fits perfectly in a stocking. Get it here!

Rolla Roasters Hot Dog & Marshmallow Roasting Forks

$12.95 Rolla Roaster Hot Dog and Marshmallow Roasting Forks from REI. If your campers don’t have the finest in campfire roasting sticks … it’s high time they do! Rolla Roasters collapse for convenient storage and extend to 42 inches to keep them comfortably away from the heat of the fire. They are built with stainless steel forks and wooden handles available in four colors so everyone can keep their “favorite” in hand. Knob on the handle makes it easy to smoothly rotate the fork for even roasting. So convenient. Always ready when you need them. Check them out!

ENO Doublenest Hammock

$69.95 ENO Doublenest Hammock The DoubleNest Hammock from ENO is the Taj Mahal of hammocks. It’s big enough to handle two adults comfortably — with a weight capacity of 400lbs. If you prefer your hangs to be a bit more private — you’ve got the whole thing to yourself with plenty of room to stretch out and snooze the afternoon away. The whole thing stuffs inside the included compression sack, making it ready for any adventure you’ve got up your sleeve. Perfect for a romantic getaway or with plenty of room as a solo. Here's the hammock for all occasions.

Flowfold Vanguard Slim Front Pocket Bifold Wallet

$29.95 Flowfold Vanguard Slim Front Pocket Bifold WalletWhen you’re carrying a wallet, the last thing you want is to “feel” the wallet dragging you down. Not a concern with the Flowfold Vanguard Slim Front Pocket Bifold Wallet. It’s so light, it literally floats on water! It’s made from carbon fiber repurposed from the sails on racing boats. It’s designed by surfers and handcrafted on the coast of Maine in the good ol’ USA. Features two credit card slots, two ID holder windows and a long cash pocket. Backed by the Flowfold warranty. Wallets are always great stocking stuffers and this one's the coolest!  Check them out!

Flowfold Trail Mate Dog Leash

$25.00   Know someone who needs a strong, trustworthy leash for their dog? It doesn’t get any better than this. Flowfold is collaborating with world-renowned Sterling Rope to handcraft dog leashes from reclaimed climbing rope. For more than 20 years, climbers and mountaineers have trusted Sterling to reach the peak. That legacy now extends to leads for canine companions on the trail. While this rope is set aside, it’s perfectly suitable to keep Pup safely in reach. Length is 6 feet. Color options available. This may well be the world's strongest dog leash! And it fits in a stocking. You can get it here!

Victorinox Swiss Army 8" Fibrox Pro Chef Knife

$44.95 Victorinox Swiss Army 8-inch Fibrox Pro Chef Knife   If you only have one cooking knife in your camp box … or even your home kitchen … this is the one to have. The design and 8-inch blade are truly “do-it-all” for cooking – chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing. It is razor-sharp and holds its edge to ensure maximum performance and durability. The Fibrox Pro handle provides a sure grip and easy handling even when wet. You cannot get a better chef’s knife for this price. The most praised chef's knife on Amazon Get it here.

Yeti Rambler 14-0z. Mug

$25.00 Yeti 14oz Rambler Mug   The double-wall vacuum-insulated YETI Rambler mug keeps your coffee hot for hours on end in the backcountry. Kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel with DuraCoat finish ensures the vessel stands up to abuse, and won’t sweat like other mugs. Convenient handle and Trident lid make it perfect for sipping long into a cold mountain night. You can refuse to let a restless night stand in the way of your adventure. The coffee inside will always be ready when you are. Yeti mugs and tumblers are the rage. Check it out this perfect morning coffee mug.

Zippo Rechargeable Lithium Ion Hand Warmers

$29.99 & $49.99   Brand new from Zippo is a line of rechargeable lithium ion hand warmers to keep you warm from the campsite to the trail and back again. Along the way, you can even recharge your USB compatible devices. The 6-hour Model features a rounded design for comfort in your pockets. Five heat settings allow you to adjust the heat to your environment and level of exertion. The 2-hour Model has a slim, sleek design that easily slides in and out of your pockets as needed. It has high and low heat settings. This is the perfect multi-purpose model for everything from commuting to ice fishing! (The Christmas Carol’s Bob Cratchit would have LOVED one of these babies!) Either the 2-hour and 6-hour models make great stocking stuffers. Get them both here.

Braven Flye Power Headphones

$119.95 Braven Flye Power Bluetooth Earphones Braven makes some of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers on the market, and we have to say that their bluetooth earbuds are following suit. First off, they’re waterproof, which means you can train in any weather conditions you desire. Second, they have LED lights built-in, so the cars behind you can see you from a distance. And third, if you want that extra level of alertness you can select “ambient audio awareness” to get a nice mix of the sounds around you. Top that off with custom EQ settings and you have a great setup to please any music lover on the go. From their commute to their trail run - keep them jamming!

Wildo Camp-a-Box Complete

$19.81 Wildo Camp-A-Box   Old timers might call this a “mess kit,” but the Wildo Camp-a-Box Complete is so much more than that. It includes everything you need to enjoy a nice meal in the woods. The kit is comprised of a plate with a lid, a large and small Fold-a-Cup, a cutting board, a 3-spice container, and a spork. All are made from easily cleaned and sanitized BPA-free materials. All of the elements nest together compactly and weigh just 9.6 ounces. There are 13 different colors, so there’s no reason anyone’s Wildo kit should get mixed up with anyone else’s. As soon as they see it, everyone wants his/her own Camp-a-Box. Satisfy  Get them now!

Drysure Extreme Boot Dryers

$39.44 Drysure Extreme boot dryers white on blue model Hiking boots, work boots, snow boots … no matter what kind of boot you wear, Drysure Extreme will handle all drying duties. They are proven to be 12X more effective than air-drying alone yet require no heat or power source of any kind. In the tent, at the cabin, or even in the car, insert the Drysure Extreme units into your boots and they begin grabbing and holding the moisture. Because they use no heat, they extend the life of boots by many times. Easy, effective, and reusable to dry boots hundreds of times. Boot dryers are one of those this everyone needs. Drysure Extremes are the ones everyone will love. Check it out!
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