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25 Best Campgrounds Within Two Hours of Salt Lake City UT

The flowers are blooming and the skies are clear, so it’s time to pack your camping gear and sleep under the stars for a few nights. Because temperatures in the next couple of months are predicted to be balmy and warm, camping seems like the perfect way to enjoy Mother Nature’s gift of summer. So make some time, pack your stuff, and go out and adventure!

No matter what type of outdoor experience you have in mind, we want to help you with your camping research. We’ve come up with a list of 25 great campgrounds within two hours of Salt Lake City, Utah to help you figure out where to start. 

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Bountiful Peak Campground : Farmington, UT

Bountiful Peak Campground : Farmington, UT

This popular campground, located just below Bountiful Peak in Farmington Canyon, is open during the summer and its 21 single sites and one large group site fill up quickly on weekends. It is pet-friendly and has foot, bike, and off-road vehicle trails. Fire rings, vault toilets, and picnic tables are there for campers to utilize as well. Bountiful Peak Campground is a scenic spot full of summertime wildflowers and wildlife to enjoy (or hunt if it’s in-season). If you decide to visit this campground, you need to remember to pack your own water because none is provided. It’s only an hour and twenty minutes away from Salt Lake City so it makes for a great day-trip or overnight stay if you can snag a site.

Bountiful Peak Campground
Farmington, UT 84025
Contact Bountiful Peak Campground

Anderson Cove Campground : Huntsville, UT

Anderson Cove Campground : Huntsville, UT

Anderson Cove has activities for anyone that wants to go out on the water or be active by its side. Waterskiing, canoeing, and kayaking are all possibilities for visitors. For others who would rather be next to the water, they can watch boaters while having a picnic or playing volleyball. This campground actually allows swimming, something a few of these other options does not allow. There is also a general store, drinking water, and vault toilets nearby for convenience. This campground is perfect if you want more outdoor options during your stay than just hiking or walking. However, if you decide to visit this campground, make sure to reserve a spot beforehand!

Anderson Cove Campground
6702 East Utah 39
Huntsville, UT 84317
Single: $24-$48
Group: $220
Learn more about Anderson Cove Campground

Perception Park Campground : Huntsville, UT

Perception Park Campground : Huntsville, UT

Park is located on a river – perfect for fishing and tubing. There are 13 picnic areas, 24 single sites, and 3 group reservation sites on the grounds. Drinking water and toilets are available starting the middle of May and going through to the end of September while the park is in season. This area is child-friendly and provides playgrounds and sports courts for those feeling athletic. Keep in mind that the park gates are closed between 10 pm and 6 am.

Perception Park Campground

Huntsville, UT 84317
Group: $205
Learn more about Perception Park camping

South Fork : Huntsville, UT

South Fork : Huntsville, UT

This peaceful, wooded campsite is near Perception Park. It is situated next to a river where you can picnic or catch fish. It has 44 sites, each as beautiful as the next. There is no fee to use the picnic tables and grills, and restrooms are nearby. There are shelters for groups to dine under during the day, as long as you have a reservation, and drinking water is provided onsite.

South Fork Campground

Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest
Huntsville, UT 84317
Click here for more information about South Fork Campground

Whiting Campground : Mantua, UT

Whiting Campground : Mantua, UT

This quiet campground has options for you if you’re trying to go horseback riding and need to have a safe place to keep your horse. Some sites can be reserved but the campground is run on a first-come-first-served basis. This campground also provides drinking water, toilets, and fire rings.

Whiting Campground
Mantua, UT 84324
Single: $20-$40
Group: $190-$380
Equestrian: $20
Learn more about Whiting Campground

Box Elder Campground : Mantua, UT

Box Elder Campground : Mantua, UT

This highly rated campground is well maintained and has a reputation for beauty. When the poppies are in season, you can expect quite a show of color. Day-use sites are free if you can grab one before anyone else does, and campsites have picnic tables and fire rings for your convenience. Box Elder Campground is about an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City, just the distance to feel like you’re away but not so far that driving back is a pain.

Box Elder Campground
Mantua, UT 84324
Single: $19
Group: $60-$155
Click here to learn more about Box Elder Campground

Monte Cristo Campground : Woodruff, UT

Monte Cristo Campground : Woodruff, UT

Monte Cristo Campground is known for many things, one being the fact that its beauty can be appreciated while on Highway 39. If you want to camp here, you will have a very timeless and relaxing camping experience. If you’re looking for recreational activities to keep you busy, the campground is filled with hiking trails, hunting spots, picnic areas, and plenty of wildlife. Grills, toilets, fire pits, and drinking water are all provided.

Monte Cristo Campground

Woodruff, UT 84086
Find out more about Monte Cristo Campground


Salt Lake City KOA : Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City KOA : Salt Lake City, UT

KOA campground is very popular during the summer, so make sure to call ahead and make reservations. If you’re looking for a camping experience that includes many features and luxuries such as Wi-Fi, cable TV, coin-operated laundry machines, and more, then this is the place for you. They have RV sites, tent sites, and a couple of cabins. It’s highly rated but please keep in mind it’s near the road so the noise level is sometimes high due to traffic. There is also a free shuttle to Temple Square that can be really handy if you’re touring the area and want to see some nearby attractions.

Salt Lake City KOA
1400 W North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
Tent: $35-$40
RV: $50-$55
Click here to learn more about Salt Lake City KOA

Little Creek Campground : Salt Lake City, UT

Little Creek Campground : Salt Lake City, UT

A classic camping experience, the Little Creek Campground has it all. Swimming, picnicking, hunting, and fishing are just a few activities available. You should make sure to bring bug spray, however, because the mosquito population is booming in the warm weather. Over the winter, there are plenty of activities as well: snowmobiling and other winter sports are popular, so keep this location in mind no matter the season.

Little Creek Campground
2370 South 2300 W.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Single: $12
Group: $65
Contact Little Creek Campground

Pony Express RV Resort : North Salt Lake, UT

Pony Express RV Resort : North Salt Lake, UT

resort has a variety of options for where to spend your night. Whether you want your stay to be in an RV, tent, cabin, cottage, or even safari tent, Pony Express has all of that and then some. There are trails to hike and ski locations nearby so you can come any time of the year and enjoy the great outdoors. Not only is camping in tents an option but so is “glamping”, a luxurious form of camping that combines “glamor” and “camping”. Amenities include Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, a game room, and a clubhouse.

Pony Express RV Resort
1012 W. Recreation Way
North Salt Lake, UT 84054
Tent: $34
RV: $42
Learn more about Pony Express RV Resort

Stansbury Island Campground : Tooele County, UT

Stansbury Island Campground : Tooele County, UT

you want to take it back to the basics and get a real camping experience, Stansbury Island might be what you are looking for. This island is accessible from the mainland via a single dirt road. This island is perfect for those who love to hike and enjoy the beauty of nature. There are trails to hike around the entire island in one day and there are little treasures to be found if you take your time. If you love to look around while you hike and are looking for a challenge, you’ll find both geocaches and petroglyphs hidden among the Island.

Stansbury Island Campground
Tooele County, UT 84029
Prices NA
Learn more about camping at Stansbury Island Campground 

Tanner’s Flat Campground : Sandy, UT

Tanner’s Flat Campground : Sandy, UT

This campground is positioned in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Little Cottonwood Creek flows alongside the grounds and is great for fishing. It’s within hiking distance of Cecret Lake if you’re camping near Albion Basin, and there are many other lakes tucked away for you to find. There are also biking trails for those who are interested. Campsites include picnic tables and fire rings, and the facilities provide toilets, drinking water, and an amphitheater.

Tanner’s Flat Campground

Sandy, UT 84092
Tent: $46
Group: $90-$150
Find out more about Tanner’s Flat Campground

Storm Mountain Campground : Salt Lake City, UT

Storm Mountain Campground : Salt Lake City, UT

This area is not for overnight camping, but it’s really close to Salt Lake City and is a great way to get off the couch and explore for the day. Storm Mountain Campground is ideal for adults and children alike because the activities available are broad and varied. There is no water provided but there are flush toilets. For the kids, there is a playground and easy walking trails. Adults can go rock climbing, fishing, mountain biking and so much more that we recommend. There’s bound to be something fun for you there. All of the 14 single sites have fire rings and picnic tables with a few grills scattered around. The views of the mountain are beautiful and the paths can take you to quiet lakes that are tucked away. Overall, even though Storm Mountain is only for day trips, it’s really worth checking out if you’re hankering for an outdoor fix. Just remember to make a reservation at least five days in advance if you want to use a group site.

Storm Mountain Campground
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Single: $6-$8
Group: $95
Click here to learn ore about Storm Mountain Campground

Spruces Campground : Salt Lake City, UT

Spruces Campground : Salt Lake City, UT

This relaxing woodland campground is in Big Cottonwood Canyon. There is plenty of shade to keep you cool while you hike, bike, and fish on your summer camping trip. The Spruces campground will cover a lot of your camping needs like water for drinking and flush toilets, while also providing you with spaces specifically for games of volleyball, horseshoes, and baseball. Unfortunately, visitors cannot swim because of restrictions, but that doesn’t stop you from taking in the refreshing view and enjoying the wildlife in and around the water. This is yet another campsite that is so popular you will need to make a reservation for it a few days in advance.

Spruces Campground
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Single: $23
Group: $155
Contact Spruces Campground

Jordan Pines Campground : Salt Lake City, UT

Jordan Pines Campground : Salt Lake City, UT

This awesome campground is pretty close to Salt Lake City, so it’s great for both camping or just a day-trip. Jordan Pines Campground a forested campground near a creek that’s excellent for fishing. There are picnic areas with grills and fire rings, drinking water is available, and there are vault toilets. Trails for biking and walking can bring you to nearby attractions as well. We recommend this campground for family reunions because of its convenience and space.

Jordan Pines Campground

Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Group: $220
Click to learn about camping at Jordan Pines Campground

Upper Narrows Campground : Dugway, UT

Upper Narrows Campground : Dugway, UT

This secluded campground is near Willow Creek, a dessert canyon that is covered in multiple species of trees that are especially beautiful in the fall. Activities here are limited in comparison to other campgrounds, but Upper Narrows provides visitors with a classic camping experience that includes hiking and fishing. This campground is also a bang for your buck; the visit is free.

Upper Narrows Campground
Dugway, UT 84022
Learn more about Upper Narrows Campground


Willow Lake Campground : Ferron, UT

Willow Lake Campground : Ferron, UT

campground at Willow Lake has 10 family slots with fire rings and a spectacular view of the lake. It’s a beautiful area for photographs, but not great for swimming. Vault toilets are there but services for water and garbage are not, so bring your own drinking water. If you come during the summer or fall, make sure to bring your camera. Just remember, as always, that no photograph is worth damaging the area.

Willow Lake Campground
115 West Canton Rd
Ferron, UT 84523
Click here to learn more about Willow Lake Campground

Timpooneke Campground : Pleasant Grove, UT

Timpooneke Campground : Pleasant Grove, UT

Equestrian enthusiasts will be interested in this campsite. Not only are horses allowed on the Timpooneke trail, but there are also sites available for them to stay in a corral while you camp overnight. Hiking is one of the main activities here, and there are nearby attractions that you can go to during the day. A 1.5-mile hike will bring you to a cave where you can explore during guided tours. There is a reservoir neighboring the campgrounds, called Tibble Fork, that allows scuba diving and has more trails for horses. All of the unique aspects of Timpooneke campgrounds are a bonus to the normal amenities available at most campgrounds. Vault toilets and drinking water are on location and all the campsites have fire rings, picnic tables, and utility tables.

Timpooneke Campground
Highway 92
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
Single: $21-$42
Group: $100
Learn more about Timpooneke Campground

Granite Flat Campground : Provo, UT

Granite Flat Campground : Provo, UT

Granite Flat campground offers a variety of activities for the whole family. Rafting and a ziplining are popular activities for those feeling extra adventurous. There is even a golf course nearby. You’ll have plenty of places to choose from if you want to go hiking or fishing during your stay as well. Keep in mind that bears love the area so keep your food safe and keep your site clean so you don’t attract any!

Granite Flat Campground
Provo, UT 84604
Single: $21
Group: $220+
Contact Granite Flat Campground

Rock Canyon Campground : Provo, UT

Rock Canyon Campground : Provo, UT

There are endless activities in Rock Canyon, and camping here is very popular. Year round, people venture here for school, leisure and learning experiences. During the winter seasons, popular activities include skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding. In the summertime people picnic, hike, and rock climb. This is a great area for recreation and new adventures with your family.

Rock Canyon Campground
Rock Canyon Campground Rd
Provo, UT 84604
Click to learn about camping at Rock Canyon Campground

Ponderosa Group Campground : Kamas, UT

Ponderosa Group Campground : Kamas, UT

With large sites for RVs and tents, this campground will provide you the fresh air you have been craving. This campground doesn’t provide garbage services or drinking water so you will need to pack bags and water for yourself. Parking is limited as well, so plan ahead if there isn’t space at the closest parking area, as this campground is walk-in access only. On site, however, there are trails for biking and off-road vehicles, as well as excellent areas for campfires and testing out new s’more recipes.

Ponderosa Group Campground
Kamas, UT 84036
Discover camping at Ponderosa Group Campground

Tinney Flat Campground : Payson, UT

Tinney Flat Campground : Payson, UT

Tinney Flat Campground is situated among many cottonwood trees that create a small forest for plenty of shade to keep you cool from the hot sun. There are various hiking trails on site and great areas for fishing in the Santaquin Creek. Campsites have grills, fire pits, and tables for both serving and dining. Water is provided here, as are volleyball courts and horseshoe pits if you’re craving a little friendly competition. Firewood is available onsite as well to help prevent the spread of pests that are capable of killing local trees.

Tinney Flat Campground

Santaquin Canyon Rd
Payson, UT 84651
Learn more about camping at Tinney Flat Campground

Hope Campground : Provo, UT

Hope Campground : Provo, UT

Less than an hour from Salt Lake City and a fun weekend getaway. There is a multitude of trails by this campground neighboring Provo Canyon. If you’re interested in hiking and walking, then look into the many possibilities at Hope Campground. Following the trails can bring you to great areas designated for fishing, eating, and swimming just to name a few. If you’re looking for beautiful panoramic views, head towards Bridal Veil Falls.

Hope Campground
Squaw Peak Rd
Provo, UT 84604
Find out more about Hope Campground


Little Grand Canyon Campground : Green River, UT

Little Grand Canyon Campground : Green River, UT

This site is known for its stunning views and free camping. Little Grand Canyon Campground is best for intermediate campers and is pet-friendly! Picnic areas and restrooms are both available onsite. Seasons are extreme and because this site is not very popular, roads and walking/hiking paths can be rocky since there are less people around to wear them down into smooth, powdery submission. This is one of the farther campgrounds listed, seeing as it’s almost three hours to drive there, but it’s worth the extra hour if you really want to get away from the big city. The distance also helps you to get away from light pollution, which allows beautiful night sky photography.

Little Grand Canyon Campground
Wedge Overlook
Green River, UT 84525
Discover camping at Little Grand Canyon Campground

Soapstone Campground : Wasatch County, UT

Soapstone Campground : Wasatch County, UT

The scenery here is a part of the reputation of Soapstone campground. The variety of trees are picturesque with the willows along the edge of the Lower Provo River. This campground is located next to the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway – a great place for scenic driving. Trails onsite will lead you to areas for you to rest and take in the amazing view. Water, tables, garbage services, and toilets are provided.

Soapstone Campground
Wasatch County, UT 84032
Click here for more info on Soapstone Campground

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