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3 Rules For Cooking The Perfect Steak

This is how much swagger a perfect steak has



If you follow these three rules you can get there every time.

1. Leave It Out For 30 Minutes Before Cooking

You’re going to have a hard time getting it to cook evenly if you throw it from the fridge right to the grill. If you like your steaks medium rare like me, this will ensure that the center is nice and warm when it comes off the grill.

2. Season Generously With Kosher Salt

I mean really rub it in to both sides. Why? Because if your steak is an inch and a half thick it’s the only part that you can season. The salt on the outside has to be enough flavor for that full bite, because the inside is not seasoned.

3. Crank Your Grill All The Way Up And Wipe The Grate Generously With Oil 

If your grill has a “crazy inferno” setting, use it. Commercial kitchens are often cooking choice cuts at 1000 degrees or more. You probably can’t get that hot at home, but do your best. You want that outside to be nice and charred at the end. At the campsite make sure you have a rocking bed of coals before you toss those spendy steaks on the grate.

If you follow these three rules you’re going to nail it. Beyond this I’d recommend a good thermometer to round out your steak skills. Some people like to use the finger test but that’s a little to imprecise for me. I’m a gadget guy so I went ahead and splurged on a Thermapen and must admit that it’s the best cooking investment I’ve ever made. Get grillin!

Now go make some kick-butt steaks!
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