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3 Tips to Help with Your Boat Insurance Claim

Boat insurance is important to be on top of, so the Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has put out three tips to help expedite claims and get boaters back out on the water after a claim.

Call Your Insurance Company Immediately

Don’t wait to report an accident, theft or other damage. Letting your boat insurer know quickly can help speed the claims process later as they will already have basic information on file, even if you aren’t sure you want to file a claim yet or not.

Take Pictures

If you are involved in an accident, take A LOT of pictures. They will help speed up the claim process with your insurance company – and many companies accept photos electronically. It’s also a good idea to photograph your personal boating equipment to prove ownership in the case of theft.

Know Your Estimate

It is important to know which boatyards, marinas or boating service providers are best in your area. Having an established relationship with a yard/marina can also help you get to the head of the line so you can get your estimate more quickly.

For more information, such as a free quote, visit: BoatUS.

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