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5 Crazy Delicious S’more Recipes

Hey – we love a traditional S’more as much as you do, but sometimes you gotta mix it up … go crazy! We decided to try out the new Zip S’morezy Roasting Log and took the opportunity to change up the SOP s’more lineup.

The Zip S’morezy Roasting Log burns for 90 minutes, so we had plenty of time for experimentation. You can also check out our 50 Campfires review here. We save our choice as winner for the bottom of the article as last and absolute MOST delicious!

The Chocolate Chip Cookie S’more

Two chocolate chip cookies, chocolate, and a marshmallow. Simple, straightforward, and delicious.



The Pretzel S’more

Two pretzels, chocolate, and a marshmallow. Have you ever had those chocolate dipped pretzels around the holidays? They’re awesome, right? So is this twist on a S’more.



The Starburst S’more

Check this one out: you roast your favorite two Starburst flavors on a stick and go for it! In our experience the kids love this one. It’s a little too sweet for most adults.



The Striped Cookie S’more

Remember those chocolate striped cookies Mom used to give you on road trips to keep your mouth full instead of asking “Are we there yet?” It’s even more a fond remembrance and a blast of deliciousness as the wrapper for an ooey, gooey s’more.



The Strawberry Shortcake S’more–THE WINNER!

This one was the unanimous winner. Shortbread, fresh strawberry slices, chocolate, and a marshmallow. It’s good. Like, really good. You might even serve this as dessert after a meal in your home. It’s light, refreshing, and just chocolatey enough. It’s perfection.



What are YOUR favorite ways to make a S’more?













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