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50 Campfires Ultimate Guide To Fishing Presented By Zebco


Our Ultimate Guide To Fishing presented by Zebco has five parts, and contains everything you need to know to get started.

How To Guarantee Success Every Time You Go Fishing make sure you focus on the most important things about enjoying the outdoors.

How To Prepare : The Ultimate Fishing Gear Listeverything you need to bring for a great day at the lake.

How To Handle a Fish After You Catch Itfrom the moment the bobber dips under the surface to putting the fish back into the water, or the frying pan.

Best Tips For Taking Fishing Picturesavoid these common mistakes so your day is captured perfectly.

Buying Your License and Understanding Regulations … including where to go, licenses, regulations, and ways to learn the basics.

Fishing Offers Something for Everyone

Whether you like your outdoor adventures filled with excitement, relaxed and laid back, or as a social event with great food and music, let’s all agree on one thing.

Fishing is fun! As for me, I enjoy fishing of all varieties especially when I am camping. Fishing and camping go together like peanut butter and jelly. I enjoy both combos as often as I can.

Actually, it’s easy to combine fishing with so many other outdoor pursuits. Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, picnicking, beachcombing, even family reunions come to mind. Anytime you can be near the water, fishing is an option, and an easy one at that.

Fishing definitely DOES NOT have to be the focus of an epic trip. It doesn’t take a fancy boat, expensive gear, or a long drive. Nearly all of America’s cities have urban fishing opportunities.

Guaranteed Success

At 50 Campfires, we don’t define success of a fishing adventure by how many fish we caught or how big they were. Instead, we look at the quantity and quality of the memories made.

Each fishing trip, whether across the country or across the street, is fertile ground for making memories. All you need to do is seed it with the right attitude and people to join you.

What You Need to Know

In addition to some simple and inexpensive gear and some bait, the only other thing required is a little bit of knowledge. That’s where this “50 Campfires Ultimate Guide to Fishing presented by Zebco” comes in. We’ll provide all the info you need to get started and even introduce your spouse, your kids, and your friends to the joys of fishing. It’s really easy.


We’ll also show you how to create the critical plans B, C, D, and E … so that if the fish aren’t biting you can save the day, the trip, and most importantly the memories. And we’ll offer the resources you need to make it all happen.

After pulling this guide together, I can’t wait to go to the lake again. It may be with my wife, it could be hanging with a bunch of buddies, or it might even by with my young nieces and nephews.

When I’m asked, “Should I add fishing to the activities I do when I go camping?” I don’t hesitate.

My response is, “Just do it!”

You will not regret it.


Clint Carlson

50 Campfires



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