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7 Kickstarter Projects That Outdoorsy People Will Like

We love to find new camping gear to share with you guys. We look high and low to find the latest and greatest, but we’re getting into the time of year when there isn’t a lot of new product hitting the market. That’s when we turn to Kickstarter. Many of the great products we’ve reviewed had their start on Kickstarter, like the Biolite Camp Stove and the Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell.

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Here are 7 Kickstarter campaigns that we think you’ll enjoy.

CHIPS All-In-One Headphones

Outdoor Tech innovates again with these all-in-one headphones. You can stuff the speakers in a hat or attach them to a frame and wear them as regular headphones. They have a microphone that you can use to take calls by simply tapping on the side of the headphones. Oh, you can change the volume that way too. Awesome.


Invisible Backpack

Backpacks for the trail are often big and bright, which is fun. For urban trekking this sleek, unassuming backpack fits the bill. It holds 20 liters of gear and has pockets that can be accessed from multiple directions and has an expandable inner divider to keep your stanky gym shoes in their own space. The most exposed zippers will also be rubberized and waterproof. Sweet! You won’t have to worry about your laptop when you’re biking home in a downpour.



Just when we thought we’d seen every kind of tent imaginable, Jack Jackson hits Kickstarter with the Cinch! It’s disc shaped design pops up instantly, and it has a solar panel that connects to an external battery to charge all of your USB devices. You can enter from either side, and it’s fully waterproof with double skinned fabric. It also has an extra thick bathtub-style ground sheet to keep you nice and dry when you pick a terrible rainy night to go camping.


Ember & Earth Fisherman’s Jacket

They call it “classic fisherman’s rain jackets reimagined.” What does that mean? Well, it’s 40% polyvinyl and 60% polyester with a 100% cotton inside. It’s then treated with a durable water repellent, that still allows it to remain breathable. And that cotton inside will keep you all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Check them out at their website.


Helioslight: The 1100 Lumen Keychain Flashlight

Why wouldn’t you want an 1100 lumen light with you all the time? One of the benefits we like is the ability to take amazing looking pics and video at night. You’re very limited if you only have your phone. This tiny flashlight can easily be held in the same hand as your phone, allowing you to shoot great looking night time pics. It even has a magnet on the bottom, so in some situations you’ll be able to use it hands off.


Indus Reclaimed Hiking Sticks

These guys are repurposing discarded carbon composite golf shafts into walking sticks. But not just any walking stick. These puppies are four times lighter than the current lightest hiking stick. The grips are styled to accommodate multiple hand holds and the craziest feature? They’re guaranteed for three lifetimes! If you’re grandson breaks one he’s covered.

The Drinking Jacket

The Drinking Jacket reminds me of The Coolest, in which someone just combined all of the things that people are already doing into one product. Some of us like to enjoy a few beers while we’re kicking back with Mother Nature. If that includes a few yard games and some light hiking, the Drinking Jacket will come in handy. It has a bottle opener, and pocket designed to hold a beer, and a flask pocket that comes¬†with a flask (booze not included). Oh, we forgot to mention that the cuff folds out into a drinking glove. What? Yes, it does. Awesomeness.


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