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A-Frames That Make Us Want To Book A Quick Trip

There are few things that give me immediate outdoor vibes like an A-frame cabin. Whether describing a small fishing camp, lakehouse, or mountain retreat my vision of the structure is an A-frame. The mainstreaming of log cabin styles and mini-houses has only helped cement the A-frame as the quintessential outdoors design.

As such, if I am headed out for a retreat and do not want to sleep under the stars — but still see plenty of them — it is an A-frame for me. Hitting AirBNB.com is a great way to find results, it even has an A-frame tab for folks like me!

I saved you some time picking some great spots for trips to parks all around the United States.

Wardensville, West Virginia

There is no mistaking what and where this A-frame is. Heck, it is even listed as “A-Frame Cabin Escape in GW Natl Forest Lost River!” You will find plenty of space in the two bedroom, two bath beauty. During my search came with ha 5-day booking at $128 per night!

It is advertised as being within an easy distance to Santi’s Lost Stream. The location offers plenty of trails for gentle walks and serious hikes through the George Washington National Forest and neighboring Lost River State Park. It is remote, you will need a vehicle to get around otherwise. If you aren’t interesting in camping, this is an ideal option.

“Nestled in the wooded hillsides of the George Washington National Forest, Santi’s Lost Stream provides a serene retreat from the stresses of urban life and is the perfect base to enjoy all the area has to offer from hiking to cycling, and more,” it reads. “And blazing-fast fiber internet to help you stay connected.”

Grant, Colorado

It is going to be hard to convince me to go anywhere else in Colorado now. Grant is about 40 miles southwest of Denver and this house is about 9,000 feet up into the mountains. The combination is perfect. It has a 2 bed, 2 bath listing that could probably hold a couple more. It has an insane 4.99 rating.

The downside is that this a-frame has been recognized as a ‘Best of’ on AirBNB so it is a little more pricey at times. It is going to be near the top of your search because it is also a superhost site. Be prepared, it can be listed near $300 per night versus much lower numbers in the area.

“This home is inspired by hygge (hu-geh), a Danish word for the feeling of coziness and simple pleasures,” it is advertised as. “An outdoor Finnish steam sauna, 2 decks, amazing views, quality bedding, and an entirely cozy vibe complete with a Norwegian gas fireplace await you. Snuggle up, explore, play games, hammock, read, take day trips, make memories, refocus, rejuvenate, and relax in this intentionally curated experience.”

Ashford, Washington

If you are headed to Mount Rainier — which is also recommended you do — this is the cutest spot on the mountain. It is one of the smaller ones listed though. If you have a big family, keep scrolling. This sleeps four; that includes using the pullout sofa.

There are plenty of paths for hiking and tremendous views to take in. Be sure you are aware of burning restrictions because an ill-timed campfire could cost you more than the rental. This slice of serenity is listed at an affordable $133 right now — though prices vary — that is a great deal.

Innsbrook, Missouri

There are any number of reasons to head to Innsbrook and if you happen to be, you can score an amazing A-frame in the outdoors, that is still close to everything! The Perch is rather new to the listings, with only 10 reviews the numbers remain high, but the price is low.

This is more of an A-frame in spirit because it has a bigger footprint than a traditional layout. The extra space allows you to sleep a comfortable 8.

“This updated chalet sleeps 8 guests with a spacious loft, master bedroom, and two bathrooms easily accessible throughout the home,” is how it is marketed. “This chalet blurs the lines of a cozy cabin hidden in nature’s shadows and a secluded, modern day treehouse with spectacular views.”

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

In the heart of the Smokey Mountains, there is actually a ton to do in and around this area. With the mountain setting comes a ton of chalet options available. You can find anything you like between Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Gatlinburg. It keeps the price very affordable and makes sure the quality is high.

A-Frames always catch my eye and there are a few here under $150 a night right now.

The cabin is located within minutes of the Great Smoky Mountain Park trailheads and Ober Mountain. It is called ‘The Lodge’ and is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and skiers. It is also close to the city center and all the traditional Gatlinburg attractions.

The solitude and outdoor space offers that secluded, cabin experience and a private place to relax with a hot tub, and wood-burning grillto take in the the fresh, mountain air.

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