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Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak – Lagoon I

Many people enjoy kayaking but have a hard time owning one because of the space a hard shell kayak takes up. Hard shell kayaks are tough to haul from the water to home and usually require more than one person to pack up. If you are looking for a better solution, dive in to the world of inflatable kayaks. You will not be disappointed with the Advanced Elements inflatable kayak line. The kayak line from Advanced Elements is sleek, durable, and extremely portable. All of their kayaks deflate and fold in to a duffle bag ranging in size from a small carry on to a large suitcase.

The Lagoon I Kayak from Advanced elements is sporty and unique. These kayaks are unique because they are inflatable but have fixed rigid forms in the bow and stern making it as durable as a hard shell kayak. They also have 6 chambers allowing the kayak to look and feel much more like a hard shell than an unstable inflatable. The kayak has an inner tube cover for increased rigidity and durability. This boat is for anyone who enjoys the water and is perfect for lakes, mild rivers and bays. It includes a comfortable inflatable seat rest, foam floor, paddle loops, and a tracking fin. The rubber molded handles on the top of the bow and stern of the kayak make for easy portability when inflated. This orange and grey kayak is only 23 lbs and is a perfect length of 8’ 4”. It allows a comfortable space to paddle from at 34” wide and can handle a max weight of 250 lbs.

Price: $358.99

The Lagoon I Kayak Includes:

  • Bungee Deck Lacing
  • Durable Fabric Cover
  • Mesh Pocket for storage
  • Paddle Loops
  • Inflatable Coaming
  • Inner Tube Cover
  • Folding Seat
  • Spring Valve
  • Rubber Molded Handles

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