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The Most Amazing Winter Activities List In The World

You’re here because you want to try something new this winter. Well, my friend..you’ve come to the right place.

So. bored.

Winter can be a drag! It’s cold. It’s long. You have friends who don’t want to go outside. You’re sick and tired of spending your days inside – bored on the couch.

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We get it.

That’s why we’ve put together the most amazing winter activities list. First, if you’ve already done all of these activities please call us. We’d like to interview you. Second, if none of these ideas inspire you to get off the couch, well…we can’t help you. That’s not true. We can give you the number of a good therapist.

You might as well put your coat on now, because here comes…


winter activities list
Kiddos love the snow!
  1. Building a snowman is good. Building a snowman with your various props from Halloween is great.
  2. Go sledding, but setup a simple obstacle course. Make it as crazy and winding as you like! Tip: You can easily turn the sled while you’re moving by pushing down on the right or left-hand sides.
  3. Make some sneaky snow angels. See who can jump in the furthest, and quickly jump out again so it looks like the angel landed and then flew away.
  4. Build a snow fort – for your kiddos favorite toys. Suddenly the possibilities are endless. Castles and ice caves and igloos – oh my!
  5. Make paper snowflake cut outs and then have them make a wish before tossing them in the fire. Maybe you want to share your wishes for the new year? The choice is yours.
  6. S’mores! Check out our favorite recipes here.
  7. Did you know that you can make ice cream from fresh fallen snow? Um, yeah. You sure can.
  8. Set up a target gallery and place several different points on different targets. Roll up a bunch of snowballs and you’re ready to rock.
  9. Take turns hitting snowballs with a baseball bat. Why? Because it’s super fun.
  10. Fill empty spray bottles with water and different combinations of food coloring. Be inspired and create colorful works of art over the think blanket of snow.
  11. When there’s freshly fallen snow and it’s moderately fluffy, dive head first into the largest drift you can find and race each other using your favorite swimming technique.
  12. Shovel a series of pathways and create a wintery maze in your backyard. Your little ones will get a kick out of this. Tip: Don’t forget to make dead ends!
  13. Play a sneaky snow trick on your kiddos by luring them under a giant tree branch covered in snow and then shake it like crazy!
  14. Play hide and seek in a wooded area to sharpen their detective skills, as they follow foot prints in the snow; bonus points if you back track on your own prints to make dead ends! Tip: Play in the evenings with flashlights (or headlamps) if you’d like to add an extra element of excitement.
  15. Go on a nature walk and arm your kids with snacks for animals — try to be as creative as possible when hiding them. Making the snacks are fun too!
  16. If it’s too cold for playing in the snow, set up some heaters in the garage and play floor hockey (with a tennis ball) or their favorite winter sport – that’s easy to set up in the garage.
  17. Instead of a lemonade stand, set up a deluxe snow cone or a hot chocolate stand. Get creative and don’t forget the peppermint fixings!
  18. Practice your emoji making skills and use the new snow on your car as a whiteboard. Take turns using your mittens to make silly car faces.


winter activities list
Over the hill and through the woods…
  1. Go snowshoeing and see how many different birds you can identify. Maybe there’s a prize for the winner?
  2. Capture the flag is a blast in the snow.
  3. Conduct a blind taste test with your favorite brands of hot chocolate mix.
  4. Get the creative juices flowing! The characters are Frosty the Snowman, Santa, Yeti, and a few family members. Bonus points for a writing a scary Christmas story.
  5. Build a colorful family-size igloo using water and containers! Tip: You can plan and design it beforehand by making a mini ice cube prototype.
  6. Boiling water will turn into snow and vapor when tossed into the frigid winter air at the right temperature. Physics is fun for everyone.
  7. Make or pick your own icicles and face-off in an intergalactic light saber fight.
  8. Check the weather conditions to see if you’ll be able to see the Northern Lights at night!
  9. Host a cookie decorating contest with the neighbor kids and send them home with a plateful of goodies.
  10. Find a field or a wide open public area after a new coat of snow and draw giant scale works of art or snow crop circles with your footprints.
  11. Lay out a few tarps with the ends rounded up in the backyard and set up the hose to make your own skating rink!
  12. See if you can manage to do this. It’ll make for a unique Christmas card, to say the least.
  13. Broom ball or frozen golf on a lake.



winter activities list
Break the dinner and a movie pattern!
  1. Make a pine needle cocktail!
  2. Drive around and critique holiday light displays. Pay attention to color palate, lines, composition, etc. Tip: Keep the A+ almost unattainable!
  3. Do a polar plunge together and then cozy up with some hot toddies after.
  4. Make Alton Brown’s Aged Egg Nog recipe.
  5. Go ice skating and then hit a restaurant that neither of you have ever been to.
  6. See who can make the most impressive one foot tall snowman. Ready, set, go!
  7. Bundle up, grab your shovels, walk around during a heavy snow storm and just help people out.
  8. Plan an outdoor winter thermos picnic – hot soup, hot ciders, and a hot date.
  9. Gather up some socks and extra blankets and hand them out to people who are in need of extra layers.
  10. Play red-light-green-light during your next cross country skiing adventure.
  11. Feeling extra punchy? Get creative by recreating GISHWHES (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) competitions.



winter activities list
Some of the best days are the ones spent alone.
  1. If you’ve got a fat tire bicycle, bike to a beautiful area and joy ride to your heart’s content.
  2. Whip up a batch of your favorite dessert and share the treats with your neighbors.
  3. Drive two hours in any direction and explore the area regardless of where you end up. If there’s slush on the road, you’ll get to kick off the snow boogers — which is always satisfying.
  4. Check out the local newspaper and see if there’s a winter carnival being held near you.
  5. Designate a theme for the night (i.e.: Mexican Fiesta) and create a menu, select a movie, and pour yourself a cocktail that fits that theme.
  6. For winter adventurers, look into joining the Iditarod or another dog sled racing event.
  7. Indoor dance party! Especially fun during a snow storm – crank up the tunes, move some furniture, and let loose.
  8. Look up the open skating schedule at your local arena. Throw on your blades and hit the ice!
  9. Head to the nearest ski lodge and curl up next to the fire with a cocktail and your favorite book.
  10. Try your hand at writing a poem or song lyrics and spend the afternoon exploring the world of creativity.
  11. Create the ultimate spa at home. We’re talking fluffy robes, cucumber slices, face masks – the whole deal.

Did we miss something? If you have a favorite winter activity or event that wasn’t listed, please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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