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WATCH: Adorable Zoo Animals Hunt for Easter Eggs

This week, zoos around the world have brought some sweet treats to the animals in their care. With Easter coming up this weekend, they hid colorful eggs for the animals to play with—and we get to enjoy the footage.

For starters, the London Zoo hid decorative, treat-filled cardboard eggs to help animals “practice their natural foraging behaviors.” The zoo’s nine-month-old Sumatran tiger cubs, Crispin and Zac, followed a cinnamon-scented trail to find their eggs, the Evening Standard reported. Zoo meerkats poked around for their moss- and cricket-filled eggs hidden among the rocks and sand in their habitat.

In a video the zoo shared, you can also see Bolivian black-capped squirrel monkeys pawing at eggs filled with sweet potato, sweetcorn, and peas.

In Perth, Australia, a zoo left a box of colorful eggs for their otter population to play with. These handmade treats are egg-shaped ice cubes filled with frozen fish, offering the otters an “enrichment” opportunity, the Zoo said in a press release. “These frozen ‘Easter eggs’ encouraged them to use their natural instincts to problem-solve and melt the ice for the tasty reward inside.”In the video they shared, you can watch the adorable otter crew coming out of the water to investigate the surprise delivery.

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