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Get These Deals Now in Backcountry’s End-of-Season Sale!

Did you hear about Backcountry’s huge end-of-the-season sale? Take advantage of up to 40% off all gear and up to 60% off all apparel now!


Arbor Westmark Camber Frank April Edition Snowboard – 20% off

Image by Arbor

With grip enhancement to hold you on groomed and icy surfaces alike, this special edition snowboard offers the confidence to tackle any conditions. Arbor Westmark Camber Frank April Edition Snowboard, $440

Volkl Revolt 121 Ski – 20% off

Image by Volkl

As the widest skis in Volkl’s freestyle ski collection, these are popular for skiers looking for a light, “poppy” feel on the slopes. An excellent option for deep snow! Volkl Revolt 121 Ski, $560

Santa Cruz Bicycles Carbon CC MX 101 Eagle AXS Coil Reserve E-Bike – 20% off

Image by Santa Cruz Bicycles

An e-bike made for the mountains? Sign us up! This strong, lightweight bike offers the option of a little e-boost to get you up the tougher trails. Santa Cruz Bicycles Carbon CC MX 101 Eagle AXS Coil Reserve E-Bike, $11,149

Ignik Outdoors Toe Warmers – 25% off

Image by Ignik Outdoors

Whether you’re interested in skiing well into the spring or want to be prepared for a hike on a chilly day, adding a pack of toe warmers to your gear kit is a cozy plus. Ignik Outdoors Toe Warmers, $1.50

Camp Creek 6-Person Tent – 25% off

Image by Alps Mountaineering

Make campouts more comfortable with this tent featuring an extra-tall interior, mesh windows and weatherproof buckles. Camp Creek 6-Person Tent, $210 

VSSL First Aid Stash/Utility Light – 45% off

Image by VSSL

This space-saving first aid kit is great to throw into your bag before a last-minute adventure. Just fill its individual tins with the emergency supplies you hope to never need (sold separately) to keep your mini kit organized and ready. A handy LED light can illuminate the area needing first aid. VSSL First Aid Stash/Utility Light, $38.50

Barbour Waterproof Dog Coat – 20% off 

Image by Barbour

Does your dog love to join you on adventures? Keep Fido cozy in this waterproof dog coat, which conveniently clips on for a long hike or short walk alike. Barbour Waterproof Dog Coat, $64


Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Jacket – 40% off

Image by Helly Hanson

Getting ready for a fishing trip? Keep warm on the water with the weatherproof, two-ply polyester and quick dry mesh. Keep this highly breathable jacket handy for the unpredictable spring weather. Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Jacket, $93

Helly Hansen Roam Hat – 30% off

Image by Helly Hanson

For sun and rain alike, protect your head and neck during any outdoor activity, whether you’re out on the water or hiking a strenuous trail. Choose from two colors, natural and navy. Helly Hansen Roam Hat, $35

Helly Hansen Women’s Lifa Merino Lightweight T-Shirt – 35% off

Image by Helly Hanson

Stay warm for those chilly, spring mornings with a merino wool T-shirt to layer up during those first hikes of the season. It comes in pink and navy. Helly Hensen Women’s Lifa Merino Lightweight T-Shirt, $52

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