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Bear Grylls Confirms His Latest Quest Into Ukraine

Adventure and survivalist Bear Grylls has, according to an Instagram post, successfully entered and exited the war torn country of Ukraine to meet the country’s war President Zelensky.

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Grylls is a world renowned explorer as well as an ambassador for peace and exploration. Reports began surfacing on Twitter that Grylls was in Ukraine on Wednesday morning.

Grylls was, in fact, in Ukraine. He posted an image on Instagram with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, as well as a message of insight into his goal.

It said, “This week I had the privilege to travel to Kyiv, Ukraine and spend time with President Zelensky. It has been an experience for me like no other. As the country goes into winter and with their infrastructure under attack, survival for millions of people is a very real daily struggle. Through this special programme the world will see a side of President Zelensky that has never been shown before. What I wanted to ask was how he was really coping… I got so much more. Coming soon! Thank you President Zelensky for your hospitality in a trying time. Stay Strong.”

Many parts of Ukraine exist as an active warzone; security and safety for all parties would naturally factor into the secrecy as to what Grylls was doing in the Eastern European country. 

The war in Ukraine has been going since late-February when Russian forces began their move on Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Kherson – three key cities in the country. The EU approved the first $537M aid package as the Russian threat escalated. 

On March 1, a 40-mile-long Russian convoy made its first strike and by the end of the next day it had destroyed parts of Kherson. Russian leadership has shown no signs of stopping the war, despite numerous sanctions placed on the country. 

Outdoors.com will continue to track and monitor the situation as it unfolds. 

For real time information, follow Bear on his social media accounts. 

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  1. Himanshu Saw

    It isn’t good that two good economy and education country like Russia and Ukraine are doing war continuously with what kind of mindset . This is not fair for both of country and their civilians not thinking of get lower in his economy and face crucial time .They are still stick to words. I pray to God for peace and happiness between them .

    1. Ukraine does not want to fight, but there is no choice. Ukraine defends itself, Russia is just a lying terrorist.

    2. For both countries!?!?!?
      Man russia is committing genocide war crimes in Ukraine, and you say for both?!?
      Most of russians civilian (or better call them rashist) sitting in their houses and supporting this war. At the same time all civilians in Ukraine United against this orks, and defending their own country and freedom.
      So next time when you want to compare war criminals country with heroes country, think twice.

    3. Thank you for the kind words for my country! I pray to God for peace and happiness between my country and Russia too…
      Mr.Grylls – thank you so much for visiting our country! It’s a great honor for all of us! You are one of the bravest people I’ve ever heard in my life! Thank you for your support! It means a lot for all the Ukrainian people! I have a special present for You, Sir. I hope, next time, while in Kiev, you gonna meet your fans and I’ll have a unique possibility to pass my present to you, Mr.Grylls! HOPE TO SEE YOU LIVE SOMEDAY, BEAR 💛💙💛💙💛💙

    4. Inequality breeds hate. Look at the world. Are we all of us equals? We should be, but by embracing a system of governance born from the days of slavery its accomplishing what was intended, hate and death. Common rules of law, followed by the elimination of differences between cultures such as getting rid of currency differences would help.

  2. Steven mccarron

    The only reason that Ukraine was invaded is because of the tacit support of the United States, Ukraine declared open-season on Russians living in the East, it regarded as sub-human. Since 2014 Ukraine has refused to cease the murder of 41,000 civilians in the Donbass.

    It is only Ukraine that is responsible for the invasion by Russia, assisted by the USA proxy war machine.

    It is interesting and also confusing for most to realise that under UN articles, not only did the invasion not need the consent of the UN. The UN under certain circumstances approves of these sorts of actions which can take place. The UN criteria were met a long time before February 2022.

    1. Ебурусню

      “Стивен Маккаррон” кто то насрал в твоей ватной голове. рашка уверенно идёт на дно. То что расея совершила в Украине никогда не будет забыто, ещё ни одно поколение будет расплачиваться за грехи руснявой мразоты

    2. Putin has demonstrated time and again that he could care less about individual Russian citizens or their rights LOL. In case you haven’t noticed, you get to listen to what he allows, you can say nothing that he does not approve of, he controls everything that is spoken online or in the “news”. You certainly don’t show your disapproval or you are beaten, or thrown in prison, or worse. Now you want us believe he was suddenly struck with a soft spot for mistreated Russian speakers in Ukraine so he decided to kill to tens if not hundreds of thousands of his Russian citizens to make that right. Of course if voice your disapproval you are beaten, or thrown in prison, or worse. Do you seriously believe yourself??

    3. Ти взагалі історію читав ? Та про вторгнення з 2014 року інформацію вивчав? Чи ти просто так вирішив написати про Донбас? А нічого , що це Росія сама вторглась в Україну в 2014? Не говори нісенітниць!!! Я живу в Запоріжжі і спілкувалась с жителями Донецька та Луганська і знаю реальну ситуацію! Росія напала на мою країну в 2014 року і не Україна прийшла зі зброєю в руках , а Росія!

    4. Stop being a Russian useful idiot and do some research and maybe you might find the truth, US and West had nothing to do with invasion of Ukraine. This is all on Russia and Putin and thier disillusioned view of themselves and the world

  3. Sergey from Ukraine

    Steven, you are wrong. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in 2014 with the annexation of Crimea. It’s just that Ukraine at that time did not have enough strength to give a proper military response. As a result, non-aggression pacts were signed. On 02/24/2022, Russia’s aggression continued, but Ukraine already had sufficient military power and a very strong leader who was additionally able to enlist international support.

  4. Marianna Kozar

    I have friends living in Donbass, the Russians troops and only that illegally occupied that area since 2014 made thousands of crimes and killed thousands of civilians in Donbass, they were murdering thousands of families with children and women in cellars, the same way like they do now on occupied territories in 2022.
    Everybody forgot about impact of President Obama and Acting President Turchynov and Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, who leaked Crimea to Russia with zero fight after listening to Obama’s order not to interfere in 2014.
    The annexation of Donbass was unleashed by Russia to divert the eyes of the world community from Crimea.
    Great respect to President Zelensky, who, despite the advice from Washington on the morning of February 24, to leave Kyiv and move to Lviv, independently decided to remain the leader and head of the state in Kyiv. I think that many other Presidents of many countries in the place of Zelensky in the very first ranks would leave the country on fire if they were attacked by Russia or another aggressive country.

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