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The 12 Best Adventure Podcasts to Add to your Queue

A well-produced podcast can be a great diversion, whether you’re looking for something that’ll make your morning commute more riveting or you like to unwind at the end of the day with a good story. Even better, finding a great podcast with an outdoors theme can inspire you on your own personal hobbies. From first-person accounts of unforgettable adventures to discussions of the best gear for exploration and more, these 12 podcasts are must-listens.

1. Dan Snow’s History Hit

Think of Dan Snow’s History Hit as the history lesson for outdoors enthusiasts. The comprehensive podcast examines current events with a distinctly history-based lens and offers a mix of reporting from weird and unique places around the globe to better understand the world around us.

How often it drops: Daily

2. The Dirtbag Diaries

This podcast features interviews with and self-narrated stories from outdoorsmen and adventurers around the world. The best part? The Dirtbag Diaries has been around for nearly two decades so there are a ton of archival episodes to keep you going between new episodes.

How often it drops: Weekly

3. Ordinary Sherpa

If you’re wondering how your family can become more adventurous, you’ll want to listen to Ordinary Sherpa. This podcast highlights the outdoor adventures of an ordinary family while suggesting ways that everyday people can find adventure in ordinary, everyday experiences.

How often it drops: Weekly

4. Backpacker Radio

Backpacker Radio covers everything related to hiking and backpacking. Topics range from the best gear to invest in to specific trails to interviews with accomplished hikers on their adventures.

How often it drops: Weekly

5. RV Miles

If you’ve always been keen to hit the open road in a recreational vehicle or van, you’ll want to give a listen to RV Miles. This weekly podcast by Jason and Abby Epperson—who have lived on the road with their three kids for over six years—is rife with advice for people traveling throughout North America by car, both short and long-term.

How often it drops: Weekly

6. America’s National Parks Podcast

The America’s National Parks Podcast is a slightly more serious than other options on the list, but it’s well worth a listen. Episodes range greatly but you can expect anything from National Park news and current events to specific history and stories about different parks around the country.

How often it drops: Weekly

7. Wild Ideas Worth Living

This REI-backed podcast is hosted by journalist Shelby Stanger who conducts thoughtful interviews with a huge variety of explorers, scientists, authors and other experts who have lived wild adventures by way of pursuing big ideas. Expect everyone from Everest climbers to competitive runners.

How often it drops: Weekly

8. JUMP with Traveling Jackie

Being monthly, this podcast doesn’t drop quite as frequently as other options on the list, but each and every episode is really, really good. JUMP with Traveling Jackie follows long-term solo traveler Jackie Nourse as she shares insights on her best outdoorsy adventures around the world, from Switzerland to Chile.

How often it drops: Monthly

9. Trail Runner Nation

You don’t need to be a runner to appreciate the stories covered by the Trail Runner Nation podcast. It focuses on trail running, but also covers other forms of long-distance outdoor running. Topics vary week-by-week but you can expect in-depth discussions on everything from equipment to first-person stories about braving the wilderness.

How often it drops: Weekly

10. Travel with Meaning

Travel with Meaning by Mike Schibel follows all types of athletes and adventurers with meaningful travel stories to share. You’ll feel inspired to get out of your comfort zone and explore something new and exciting.

How often it drops: Bi-weekly

11. Outside/In

Designed to be both informative and inspiring, Outside/In is devoted to outdoor education for all ages. There are tons of topics—from first-person adventure stories to hard facts about fauna and flora—all connected thematically around the environment and what it can teach us.

How often it drops: Weekly

12. The Wayward Home

The Wayward Home zeros in on nomadic living. The format is typically interviews with other nomads who share tips and stories about living on the road. Host Kristin Hanes also talks a bit about her own experiences; she spends half the year in her campervan in the U.S. and the other half on her sailboat in Mexico.

How often it drops: Weekly

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