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BioLite Is Ready To Get Soot Done

Because 3 billion people cook over smoky, sooty fires every day, BioLite is going to…

get soot done
BioLite – get soot done

From now through December 11th BioLite is going to donate every dollar they make toward putting clean cookstoves into 50,000 homes in India and Sub-Saharan Africa in 2016 with their GET SOOT DONE campaign.

Every dollar.


Because soot is bad. Like, really bad. 

  • Soot is the second leading cause of climate change behind CO2.
  • 3 billion people cook over smoky, sooty fires annually, causing 4 million deaths per year.
  • These fires produce more soot per year than all automobiles combined.

The BioLite clean cookstoves produce 90% less soot than a traditional fire, which is a pretty big deal.

If you’ve been interested in a BioLite stove, pull the trigger before December 11th. You’ll help clean up a very dirty and serious problem. To us, that sounds like a great way to end your year. 

Take a look at their clean cookstoves.

get soot gone
BioLite – get soot done


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