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Bison Air Lighter Review

You’re used to trying to start a fire with that lighter that works most of the time and some rolled up paper. The success rate is some where around 60%, depending on the conditions. Just stop. Pick up a Portable Firestarter and be the envy of every camper or neighbor around you.

Appearance: When first hearing “Bison Air Lighter” we assumed it was this smaller butane lighter that puts out a nice flame. Whoa. We were wrong. The Bison Air Lighter means business. It is an entire portable rapid fire starting machine. It’s almost as if a leaf blower and a blow torch mated, the result is the Bison Air Lighter. The sleek lighter allows you to stay a safe distance away from the wood or charcoal and not have to move it all around as you get the fire going.

Bison Air Lighter
Bison Air Lighter

Ease Of Use: If you want to get a fire started quickly, the Bison Air Lighter is up to the task. Fill it with butane, push the button forward and you have a butane flame shooting out 6 inches. Hold it up to what needs to be lit and let it do it’s thing. Once a fire is slowly starting, just push the switch backwards and it turns in to a bellows to truly stoke the flame.

Functionality: There are a few moving parts when getting the Air Lighter going. First, safety. You need to push the child safety switch to the side and hold while pushing the button, located on the top of the lighter forward to get your flame. This may require two hands initially, but once the flame gets going you can release the child lock. From there it is easy to switch to the bellows by just pushing back. Flame and air are not the only features of the Bison Air Lighter, it is also equipped with a light to easily see what you’re lighting if it is dark. It also has a bottle opener on the bottom, because lets face it grilling or campfires go hand in hand with a nice cold beverage.

The handle on the lighter is moveable, this may initially seem unneeded but 1. who doesn’t want to make it in to a flame gun? and 2. In that position you are able to get over the top of charcoal or the wood pile much easier.

Bison Air Lighter
Bison Air Lighter

Value: If you’re somehow still thinking of this as just a lighter than the Portable Firestarter may seem a bit steep, but if you’ve fully captured all of the capabilities that the Bison Air Lighter has to offer than that price is a steal. Just the amount of time you’ll save on getting the campfire or charcoal started makes picking one of these up totally worth it. Plus, it’s just way more fun to use than a general lighter.

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