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Black Bear Tries to Eat a Trail Cam, and the Footage Is a Treat

A black bear thought it was in for a treat, but we got one instead. The bear walked up to a trail cam in the Pryor Mountains near the Wyoming-Montana border and tried to eat it. The resulting footage is pretty funny.

In the YouTube video by Steve and Nancy Cerroni, you can see a bear walking toward the camera. It walks past the camera at first, but then notices it and comes back to check it out. The bear goes in for a bite, giving viewers a glimpse at the roof of its mouth. Then it seems to swat at the camera playfully, rub its face on it, then move on.

Watch as a black bear tries to eat a trail cam:

Nancy Cerroni told Cowboy State Daily: “We’ve seen lots of bears on the trail cameras, but this was the first one I’ve seen directly engage with a camera like that.”

The Cerronis run the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center, and Cerroni says the black bears and mustangs in the area seem to get along. (Black bears can have brown fur, black fur, or cinnamon-colored fur.)

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Cerroni doesn’t fault this curious black bear for messing with her equipment. While the bear certainly could have done damage, it seems the bear just wanted to see what the camera would taste like.

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