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5 Boat Anchoring Tips for Deep Water Fishing

Boat anchoring can get a little tricky in the deep water fishing game. Jim Hendricks gave his advice about the ins and outs of boat anchoring in Sport Fishing.

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Anchoring in deep water down to 300 feet requires the right ground tackle, according to Hendricks. A fisher will need a great amount of rode, a good fish finder, a good understanding of current and wind, and a means of anchor retrieval — not including your arms and back.

Plenty of Rode

A lot of anchor line, because the deeper you anchor, the more rode you need. In regards to stowing your rode, he suggests carrying the rode in a plastic tote or laundry basket.

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Watch the Bottom

Strive to set in mud or sand if you’re anchoring to fish a deep spot. To help secure the anchor, set it in the adjacent mud or sand, then scope it back to the spot with wind or current. That should help assure that the anchor and ground tackle (chain) doesn’t become damaged in the structure.

Ground Tackle

Hendricks acknowledges that a great number of factors may affect an anchor’s performance. He recommends a claw-style such as a Lewmar Bruce Claw or Manson Ray to be among the best for deep sets.

Size It Right

In order to hold well, the anchor needs to be sized properly; sometimes it can be too big for the boat. He suggests using an anchor chain that also helps to provide chafe protection and keeps the shank parallel to the bottom to help the anchor set more quickly. As a result, it will hold more effectively. Equipping your anchor with the same amount of chain as the length of your boat much is ideal.

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Getting It Back

When it’s time to retrieve the anchor, his electric windlass weighs the anchor. Anchoring is another level of fishing that requires specific gear and some experience.

For more information on anchoring tips and tricks for deep water fishing, visit sportfishingmag.com.

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