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Burnie All Wood Self-Burning Grill

Burnie Self-burning Grill Review

Here at 50 Campfires we think the campfire is what really makes the camping experience complete. But sometimes you get to your destination and cannot find wood, or you don’t want to haul a huge grill or propane stove to the campsite only to haul it back again. Enter the Burnie All wood Self-Burning Grill. This thing is a great option for cooking that can fit in most backpacks. Let’s dive into our review.

Appearance: Out of the box, the Burnie looks like a section of tree with some cuts and coals thrown in, and you’d be right. The plastic packaging keeps everything contained until you get to the campsite. We love the Burnie logo and the look and feel of the packaging. From its appearance it looks like a great product.

Burnie All Wood Grill Campfire
Burnie Self-burning Grill

Functionality: The Burnie is easy to understand, easy to light and easy to start cooking over. After the wrapping is removed you can see the wick in the center. Just as it says on the Burnie website, it lights with one match without the use of lighter fluid. For our test the wind was blowing at about 10-15 mph so the flame blew out twice, but each time it relit very quickly.

You need to wait about 20 minutes from the lighting of the wick until the coals are ready for cooking. We roasted marshmallows on it and found it burned very hot. Because of this there was very little smoke which is a big plus. The packaging suggest a 2.5 hour burn time for the large version, but we found it burned down in just about 2 hours, but we attribute that to the windy conditions. We can assume it has a longer burn time when the wind is calm. After the fire died down there was only ashes to spread out and the Burnie is gone. For its construction and functionality, we have nothing but praise.

Ease Of Use: As stated before, the Burnie is very easy to understand and extremely easy to light. The wick (which does not use lighter fluid) caught a flame rather quickly. Two hours later, when we were done roasting our marshmallows and enjoyed the warmth, the Burnie was gone. No need to clean it or pack it back in your backpack. This campfire log is simple but very well constructed.

Durability:  It’s about as strong as a block of wood until it’s burned. Then it’s ash, and ash isn’t very strong.

Burnie All Wood Self-Burning Grill
Burnie Self-burning Grill

Weight: The large version (the one we tested) is roughly 5 and 1/2 pounds and burns for 2.5 hours, the medium version weighs in at 3 pounds and gives a 1 and 1/2 hour burn time.

Value: With a list price of only $14.95 for the large and $12.95 for the medium, these products have very high value in our opinion. In addition, right now you get free shipping when you buy 2 Burnie products.

For the ease of use and long burn time the Burnie All Wood Self-Burning Grill is a fantastic option for anyone looking to have a campfire on the fly. No more searching for wood or trying and failing to get the fire started. This product is a fantastic solution for a great price.

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