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Camp Chef Stryker Stove

For our review of the Camp Chef Stryker Stove, we went hands-on with both the propane and isobutane versions, testing both for reliability, quick-heating, and durability in the field. Taking these stoves out on an ultralight backpacking trip, we found both options to be excellent for waking us up with a hot cup of coffee, or for cooking a meal at the end of the night.  When we ended up getting soaked in a rainstorm, we loved the matchless ignition, and these compact stoves packed up neatly and easily throughout our trip.  Now that we’re off the trail, we’ve ended up stowing these stoves in our vehicles for an emergency option, in case we get stranded and end up needing a simple, reliable way to melt snow, boil water or cook a meal.

We love a hot meal or a steaming cup of coffee on a chilly morning when camping, but not every outdoor adventure allows for the luxury of a campfire and a cook set. Whether your campsite has a forest-fire burn restriction or you’re backpacking in a Leave No Trace area, Stryker stoves from Camp Chef are a safe, light and reliable option to get half a liter of water boiling in two minutes.

Available in isobutene or propane models, these compact Stryker stoves are made from lightweight, durable anodized aluminum and feature efficiency-increasing Heat Ring technology and matchless ignition. Perfect for anyone on your list interested in ultra light backpacking or simply looking to break free of the need to pack in endless bundles of firewood, these camp stoves make great holiday gifts.

Each Stryker stove comes with a wind-reducing stand, and packs down easily into the included 1.3-liter insulated pot, weighing only 21.4 ounces.

Manufacturer: Camp Chef
Product Name: Stryker Stoves
MSRP: $68.00 – $73.00


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