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Camping with kids? Here’s a tip for keeping their milk ice cold.

Like many parents, I bring milk along for my kids whenever we take a camping or road trip. Usually packing a gallon into our cooler, with the hopes that it’ll remain safe to drink over the course of our weekend. With all the cooler opening and closing that comes along with traveling with kids, it’s a wonder that there aren’t more campsite food poisoning cases. Face it, a plastic milk jug isn’t designed to keep things cold. It’s simply a vessel for carrying.

Over the past few years, the presence of double-walled stainless steel drink vessels has exploded. First with drinking cups and tumblers, and followed by the rise of Stainless Growlers and Howlers supporting the boom of the craft beer scene – stainless is everywhere!

I’ve found great joy in carrying fresh, cold beer to camp using a growler. There might be no better joy than enjoying a beer that hasn’t been sitting in a pile of melted ice water all afternoon. One of my personal favorites, is the growler that’s being made my MiiR. It’s 64 ounces of stainless heaven. Leak proof and temperature blocking – it hasn’t failed me.

That’s when the idea hit. If the growler keeps my beer cold – why couldn’t I use it to transport the kids milk? I don’t think I can go back to flimsy plastic milk jugs on our adventures ever again! It definitely works – so well in fact, that I’m going to suggest Miir change the name of their growler to the “mowler” (“M” for milk, of course!)

Check out the Miir Growler here!

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