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Invading Canadian “Super Pigs” Could Soon Threaten the Northern U.S.

What do you get when you cross a domesticated pig with a wild boar and then give it super powers to survive Canadian winters? You get a “super pig” — and a super problem. States in the northern US are currently bracing for an invasion of these intelligent and highly destructive pigs, which may soon migrate from Northern Canada.

While “super pigs” are relatively new, feral pigs have been causing problems in the southern US for centuries. Feral pigs destroy crops and native vegetation, and they serve as potential carriers of harmful pathogens, presenting a serious challenge to agricultural sustainability. A 2019 study shows that areas where feral pigs roam have 26% less biodiversity. These animals are estimated to cause as much as $1.5 billion dollars in damage each year. Now, with new survival tactics learned in Canada, they are expected to become even more problematic.

Super pigs are descended from wild boars. Image by Anagramm/Getty

Few experts saw the super pigs coming. Many once believed that if a wild pig or wild boar ever escaped from a farm, it would not survive a western Canadian winter. But now plenty of pigs have escape or been intentionally released, and have bred with existing populations of wild boars. The resulting super pigs are already wreaking havoc on Canadian parks and forests, and there’s evidence that they’re moving south. 

If you encounter a super pig, keep your distance and back away slowly. These creatures can run up to 30 mph, so if it starts chasing you, seek higher ground, such as a tree or boulder. Then, celebrate your survival — and let the authorities know that the invasion is nigh. 

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