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Gear Review: Canyon Coolers Pro 45

If you end up searching for a new roto-molded cooler, you’ll find that most companies generally focus on either aesthetics or functionality, but the Canyon Coolers Pro 45 is different because it delivers both. As the name implies, the Pro 45 cooler is part of Canyon Cooler’s “pro” and holds 45 quarts. The company describes it as a heavy-duty cooler with double the features. 

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The cooler is equipped with extra insulation in the walls and lid, a recessed latch, and accessory pockets. It’s constructed using “bomb-proof” material, so the company recommends it for multi-day use in whatever environment you plan to bring it to. With that said, how does it hold up?

When it comes to size, a lot of companies treat the outside dimensions as if that’s the amount of storage they can hold, but as I said, the Pro 45 is different. It’s a true 45-quart cooler. 

The construction is rock solid. When you look at it, you’ll see one solid pin running through the backside for the hinge, which I can’t imagine ever wearing out. They have really big cams on the front for opening and closing the cooler. I like the cam style and it’s a good seal. Another thing I like about this particular cooler is its rubber feet on the bottom, which is nice so it’s not sliding around in your boat or the back of your truck.

canyon coolers pro 45
You can have any beer you want as long as it’s a Corona. Source: Canyon Coolers

As far as accessories go, they have two types of tables that you place on top of the cooler, which is not uncommon with roto-molded coolers. One functions just as a table and the other functions as a table or divider, which I mostly used to separate beverages. 

One thing to note, though, is that the bottom of the cooler is not watertight, so as your ice melts, it’ll eventually get wet on the other side. Fortunately, another notable feature is the large drain plug. A big bonus is that the plug is pretty much flush. I have a couple of coolers where the plug is a half-inch higher than the bottom of the cooler. Though most of the water comes out, there’s always a little left at the end. With the plug flush, this cooler will drain completely every time.

The Pro 45 is Canyon Cooler’s top-of-the-line cooler. I absolutely love this cooler and it will be the one we use this summer. The Canyon Cooler Pro 45 is available in three colors – sandstone, diamond, and harvest gold – and retails for $320.

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