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A Car To Camper Conversion With The Swiss Room Box

Going camping for some people may seem a little bit scary and confusing. They're not sure what to bring and how to set things up. People may not have the right cars/vans for towing so they don't want to cram things into their vehicles. Then there's some people that just think it's all around a hassle and too complicated. Because they don't know in fact that it isn't, they'll think this Swiss Room Box is an awesome invention.

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What is it?

Image by SwissRoomBox Swiss Room Box is a removable camping set up that was originally inspired by the Swiss Army Knife. This modular system is easy to install and fits almost all new cars/vans. The Swiss Room Box is installed in the trunk of your car and can be used for sleeping, cooking, washing, showering, and dining; depending on which version you buy. If you want to get really fancy, the RoomBox highTech, will provide you with hot water, gas, and electricity in 220V, 12V and 5V USB. If you're thinking this thing will drain your battery, it won't. It comes with an intelligent system of voltage control that monitors your car battery.

How does it work?

Image by SwissRoomBox Swiss Room Box only fits cars/vans with a hatchback type of trunk. From what we've seen, it isn't compatible with the typical car with a trunk type, since it has to fold into the car to become a bed. It installs without car modification, and they make it pretty easy to take it in and out of your car, so you don't have to leave it set up at all times. Once you get the hang of setting it up, the system only takes up to 10 minutes to assemble. Right off the bat, it looks like it could be a little confusing, but it gets a whole lot easier after the first time doing it. To fully understand how this works, here is a video from Swiss Room Box -- (We got a kick out of the corny romantic campers)

About Swiss Room Box:

Swiss Room Box is created by the company misC Sport & Leisure and is located in Switzerland
Swiss Room Box is created by the company misC Sport & Leisure and is located in Switzerland. The Swiss Room Box is available overseas but unfortunately comes with an international shipping fee. Prices vary from their most simple product, the freeTech, to their most complex, the highTech; about anywhere from $1,500 to $9,000.
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