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Deer Leaps Through Bus Windshield, Shocking Everyone

A bus driver and his passengers were in for a shock on Monday when a deer leapt through the front windshield and careened into the bus. Through a barrage of glass, you can see one passenger in particular realize what happened and what was now on the floor of the bus, bucking around.

The drama went down in Warwick, Rhode Island on a Rhode Island Public Transit (RIPTA) bus. In a RIPTA dash-cam video shared by WSIL News 3, you can watch the scene unfold. In particular, you can watch one passenger’s reaction as he sees the deer leaping from the side of the road, a split second before it barrels into the aisle of the bus.

Surrounded by shards of glass, the deer tries to get up. The passenger the deer lands in front of comes to grip with what just happened.

Watch a deer deciding to crash a bus party:

Other videos show the front view, when the deer leapt into the moving bus’s windshield.

RIPTA is praising its driver for handling the absurd situation well.

“I want to commend our RIPTA bus driver, Leocadio Hernandez, for his exemplary response to this unique situation,” Christopher Durand, RIPTA interim CEO said in a statement posted to Facebook. “His exceptional alertness and composure under pressure ensured the safety of all passengers.”

RIPTA reports that no passengers were injured. Sadly, the deer did not survive its injuries.

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