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Did This Deer Warn Humans that a Bear Was Coming? Decide for Yourself.

Gloria of @nobohobos says a deer in her backyard tried to warn her that a black bear was coming in a recent TikTok video. “You see [the deer] stomping? She’s letting me know that a black bear is coming,” Gloria says.

In the voiced-over video, Gloria narrates as a female deer stomps across a yard with her baby in tow. The deer glances at the woman filming as she stomps, then stops for a moment before bolting in the opposite direction. Shortly afterward, a black bear comes up a bank into view and casually walks in the backyard.

“She’s a good momma,” Gloria says of the deer. “She was warning me. It’s amazing what wildlife can do.”

Is it possible this deer was warning the woman about the bear? Watch Gloria’s video and decide for yourself:

This is the second time this black bear appeared in the Gloria’s backyard, according to the narration. Thankfully, Gary of @nobohobos was able to do a “hard scare” of the bear (Gloria doesn’t clarify what exactly that means), and the bear turns and runs off.

We really like the idea that a deer would intentionally warn Gloria about the danger. It’s possible the deer did so without knowing, and in reality, her behavior was that of an animal on high alert.

Whether the deer warned Gloria on purpose or on accident, it’s a compelling video. We’re glad no deer, bear, or human was harmed.

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