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Diver Helps Octopus Trade Out Plastic Cup For Shell

I was unaware of how often an Octopus would use a shell. For any reason.

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It was earlier this week when I saw the octopus punching a fish video that was making circles again. So my interest in searching for octopus information just flared up. I also learned that they will throw shells at each other.

As luck would have it, Reddit delivered with a one minute video of another octo-abnormality. At least an abnormality to me. It showed (presumably) a diver helping an octopus swap out its plastic cup shell for . . . an actual shell.

I did not know that an octopus used a shell.

As it turns out, some do.

“A species of octopus in Indonesia uses clam and coconut shells to hide from predators,” National Geographic wrote. “Instead of simply hiding in them and then abandoning them when the coast is clear, they actually have the foresight to pick them and take them on their journeys.”

That is, basically, exactly what happened here.

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