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DIY floating island

DIY Dual Canoe Floating Island – aka “Floatzilla”

Mike knew that if he built it, they would come. So he built Floatzilla.

I was kayaking with my wife yesterday in Minneapolis and was drawn to this large odd looking structure floating in the middle of the lake. I decided to paddle over and say hi and was promptly offered a beer (which I of course accepted). Mike (the guy with the awesome cat shirt) decided to build a raft to cool off with his friends on a very hot Sunday afternoon.

The design was simple, impressive and effective. He just put three 4×8 sheets of plywood on a 2×4 frame, and cut notches in the 2×4’s to fit the canoe. A winch held the whole thing together.

Kudos to you Mike – and thanks for the beer!

DIY floating island
DIY Dual Canoe Floating Island


DIY floating island
DIY Dual Canoe Floating Island – aka “Floatzilla”


Disclaimer: As with any outdoor activity, use your head, ok? Yes, these guys were drinking beer without life jackets out on the water, but – they were close to shore and were acting responsibly from what I could tell. Don’t build this and take on class III rapids with a case of beer, mmmK?

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