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DIY Solar Oven

Making a DIY solar oven is a fun summer project for kids and even adults. Kids love creating new things and this project is interesting enough to keep adults engaged. You can take it camping on your weekend getaways or just have fun in the backyard during a cool night. Either way, getting your kids to ‘unplug’ and enjoy being outdoors is a win for any parent.

There are many ways to make a DIY solar oven. We really like the way our friends at Camping World made theirs.

DIY solar oven
DIY Solar Oven

Things you will need:

    • Cardboard box with attached lid. Box should be at least 3 inches deep.
    • Clear plastic wrap
    • Aluminum foil
    • Black paper
    • Tape (transparent tape, duct tape, masking tape or whatever you have)
    • Wooden skewer, stick or pencil
    • Scissors or Xacto knife
    • Ingredients for S’mores (graham crackers, jumbo marshamallows, chocolate candy bars)


1. Line the inside of the cardboard box with black paper. A shoe box or pizza box works well because the lid stays attached.

2. With scissors or Xacto knife (with adult help), cut a three-sided flap out of the top side of the box, leaving at least a 1-inch border around the three sides.

2. On the inside of the box, cover the opening under the flap with plastic wrap and tape or glue it in place.

3. Cover the flap with aluminum foil. Make sure the foil is flat and smooth as possible to make it like a mirror.

4. Using the wooden skewer or stick, prop the flap open. You may use tape or glue to make the stick stay put.

Now, that you have your new solar oven, it is time to put it to work with this great recipe.

DIY solar oven
Cooking with the DIY Solar Oven
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