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The DynaTrap DT2000XLP captured all of these mosquitos…ALIVE!

I come home with some pretty “interesting” stuff as part of my job. When my wife sees me unpacking a new box, she’s often skeptical of whatever’s inside. It’s not that it isn’t innovative or useful, but rather the knowledge that it’ll likely become another “thing” on my gear shelf. I’d like to start off by telling you, that after spending a week with the DynaTrap DT2000XLP Insect Trap – it’s become a piece of gear that will never collect dust – and to be honest, I’m not sure how we lived without.

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We have a 2-acre piece of property in Northern Wisconsin, an area infamous for its mosquitos – and the perfect setting to truly test the capabilities of the DynaTrap. The property itself is a mixture of hardwoods and low-level wetland, all situated on the shores of a small lake. In short – it has all the components to be a mosquito breeding ground.

When we arrived at the cabin on the weekend leading up to 4th of July, my children bustled about the house, anxious to get our vacation week started. In their excitement, they opened the patio door to my bedroom – and left it open for about 3 hours before I discovered it. With the lights on, it goes without saying that the ceiling of the room was infested with various flying insects – most of them the biting variety. Normally, this would be the start to a night filled with buzzing and biting. This was the first test for the DynaTrap DT2000XLP – could it rid my bedroom of midnight bloodsuckers? Granted, this isn’t the true use of the DynaTrap, but I was amazed that after only an hour in the room, with the lights off – the DynaTrap got rid of my problem.

The next morning, I followed the instructions and installed the DynaTrap on a shepherd’s hook near the side of the cabin. I placed the unit roughly 40 feet from the back deck, where my family was planning on spending most of our outdoor meals and family time – and turned the unit on. For the next 7 days, I let the unit run day and night straight. Aside from the occasional investigation from my seven-year-old son, we left the DynaTrap alone to do its thing.

After a week, I returned to the unit. While I could see insects in the built-in screen basket on the bottom of the DynaTrap, nothing could prepare me for what was inside. At the bottom, a cemetery of mosquitos, flies, moths and other flying insects – over an inch deep.


The first question out of my wife’s mouth: “Were there any butterflies in there?” There weren’t.

After the unit was operating for 6 days, we invited a group of people out to the cabin for a birthday party. With more than a dozen people outside – at sunset – none wearing any insect repellent – everyone commented on being bug bite free.

As I mentioned early on, the DynaTrap DT2000XLP is a product that I don’t think I can do without. While I used the largest of their versions, which covers up to 1 acre – DynaTrap also makes smaller versions that I’m anxious to try on multi-day campouts. I think it’d be brilliant to have one attached at an electrical site, and see if it’d clear the area of the unwanted guests.

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