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Endurance Athlete Hit By Car After Biking 2,000 Miles on Epic Record Attempt

Jay Petervary, an endurance adventure cyclist, is healing in a hospital after attempting to set a new fastest known time (FKT) on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

The GDMTBR runs from Alberta, Canada, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, along the U.S. and Mexico border. The route runs more than 3,000 miles and follows the Rocky Mountains through states like Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

Petervary started his journey from Canada two weeks ago and was 2,000 miles in as he headed towards southern Colorado. That’s when a vehicle collided with him.

Yesterday, his wife, Tracey Petervary, said on Facebook, “He was hit by a car on his way to Salida, CO. He is alive with some broken bits, currently in an ambulance on his way to Colorado Springs Memorial Hospital.”

Another update says Petervary has multiple fractures and an arm surgery scheduled for today. Despite everything, he can move his whole body and is aware.

There is no word on whether Petervary will continue his attempt after a recovery or try the entire route again.

Petervary has biked the route before and has had the fastest finishes in years past, including in 2021.

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