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Enerplex y1200 and s100

EnerPlex Generatr Y1200 and S100: Overview

Overview: EnerPlex is one of the most innovative and game-changing portable power solution providers on the market. Unlike other solar chargers available in the market that utilize rigid, crystalline silicon-based solar panels, EnerPlex’s CIGS solar panels are made of lightweight, flexible and extremely durable plastic substrate. This rugged construction allows us to create the most durable products that can be taken anywhere without having to worry about damaging or cracking the solar panels. Their portable batteries are among the lightest on the market, while still boasting exceptional capacity.

What Makes Them Unique:

The EnerPlex Generatr Y1200 is a lightweight and portable 1200Whr large format battery that is ideal for emergencies, camping, and any time you need power for long periods of time. This unit is 60% lighter than similar products, yet holds the same amount of power that will keep your phones, tablets, laptops, and even mini fridges powered up for days.

11.5″ x 11.5″ x 8.5″

The EnerPlex Generatr S100 is a lightweight and portable power solution for a wide array of consumer electronics. This 100Whr unit has USB outputs for phones and tablets, a 12V port for lights, and a standard outlet for laptops. Charge the Generatr 100 via wall outlet, car, or sun using EnerPlex’s patented solar panels. You can charge any electronic device all the way up to a laptop and has dual charging capabilities.

5.5″ x 5.5″ x 2.2″

Manufacturer: EnerPlex
Product Name: Generatr Y1200 and Generatr S100
MSRP: Y1200 $1399.99 S100 $349.99

enerplex y1200 and s100
EnerPlex Generatr Y1200

enerplex y1200 and s100
EnerPlex Generatr S100

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