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What’s Your Favorite Campfire Meal?

There are five essential components to having a good campfire: fuel, heat, oxygen, good stories – and great food. 

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Earlier this week we asked the Outdoors.com community for their thoughts on favorite all-time campfire meals. We combed through the hundreds of comments and selected a few delicious entries:

“Hobo stew. Steak, potato, and carrots”- Tina Fuentes

Hobo Stew, Image by Rasilja

“Chicken strips which are coated with Buffalo sauce and my special potato packs. Potatoes, onions, cheese and bacon layered together. Salt and pepper. Yum.”- Susan Calhoun

“Take-out from that great little place down the road where the grannies cook! 👍🏼😋 Less time cooking=more time appreciating nature while staring at the fire 🔥”- Jodi Silverman

“Big slab of salmon thrown on the campfire covered with Dijon mustard. Grilled halved tomatoes coated with olive oil and garlic for the side. Comes out perfect every time.”- Anthea Nadolski Jones

“Brook trout, and whatever else can be dinner.”- Ross Ryan

“Cast iron skillet pancakes cooked in bacon grease and butter, Bacon and Sunnyside up eggs atop the pancakes with real maple syrup”- Eric Sherwood

Cast Iron Skillet Pancakes, Image by Frankie Carr

“White beans, fried potatoes, and cornbread”- Donna N Kyle Huffman

“breakfast eggs sausage bacon hash browns thin pork chops 😋 all good over a simmering fire from the night before”- Becky Butler-Wilson

“Foil meal with hamburger on a cabbage leaf with cut up potatoes and onions and seasoned with s&p. Wrap that puppy up in a tight foil package and place on hot coals.  😋”-  Janet Lynn German

“Pizza in pie irons, and after dessert pies!”- Betsy Howard
What’s your favorite campfire meal? Join the conversation on the Outdoors Facebook page here.

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