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FiAir Blower : Review

Get cooking in a hurry with the FiAir Blower.

There’s something to be said for being first. That’s why back in 2013, 50 Campfires recognized the groundbreaking effort in the then brand new FiAir blower for campfires and charcoal fires. And it’s what won the FiAir a Fire Category Gear of the Year Award for their new powered bellows.

Fast forward five years and the market of powered bellows is flooded with choices, but the FiAir Blower continues as a leader in fanning flames across the country and around the world. In fact, many others have taken notice! The FiAir has a U.S. patent, won the 2017 INEX Gold Merit Award for their design, and is now used in at least 54 countries around the world.

We like the sleek design and easy one hand operation of the FiAir Blower. Just get your tinder started beneath your fuel, point the FiAir and press the button to deliver the fire a shot of life-giving air. Operating on three AAA batteries, the FiAir delivers just the right quantity and velocity of air to get the fire blazing quickly. Not too much, not too little … just right like Goldilocks.

The category of handheld powered bellows is exploding for two reasons. First, they speed the fire lighting process. Our experience is that the FiAir can cut the time in half, even more, if you have less than perfectly seasoned firewood to work with. If you’re lighting a charcoal fire for grilling, you don’t need to use any accelerants that affect flavor. And even with a charcoal chimney, you can cut the light time in half by using the bellows to feed the flames.

Second, they don’t require you to stick your face in the fire to make the magic happen. Just point the bellows at the growing flame and press the button.

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