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Firefighters Rescue Bald Eagle Injured By Lightning Tower

When asked to save a bald eagle, the MacClenny Fire Rescue Department in Florida climbed to the rescue.

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According to a report from FoxNews13.com, the eagle was impaled by a rod atop an elementary school radio tower. Despite wildlife rescuers best efforts the bird would not come down and the fire department was called in.

The MFRD — located some 30 miles west of Jacksonville — was called to the scene in order to assist local wildlife experts in attempting to free the bird. Its injuries were sustained nearly 150 feet above the ground, and traditional methods to get the animal were unsuccessful.

“Upon arrival, crews, went up in the 100-foot tower they brought to the scene,” the website reported. “After going the maximum height of 100 feet, an engineer got out of the bucket of the ladder and hooked into the tower to go the rest of the 20 feet. 

“Once he reached the top, he was able to free the bird of its impalement. That’s when the eagle soared down and was captured by wildlife rescuers.”

Update: Unfortunately this story does not have a happy ending. The MRFD posted the news that the bird had succumb to its injuries days after the incident.

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