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GasWatch Product Campaign: Check Propane Level From App

GasWatch has been providing propane grill fans with grilling gadgets for over a decade. As a trusted maker of Propane Gauges, Propane Gas Level Indicators, and Digital Propane Scales GasWatch adds predictability to gas grilling.

Today GasWatch launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for its newest product, a propane tank scale that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The campaign will run for 35 days in hopes of raising $30,000. The scale accurately measures how much propane is left in the tank, and alerts users through their phones so that they never unexpectedly run out of gas while grilling again.


  • Accurate, safe & user friendly
  • Compatible with any tank weight available
  • Converts tank weight into remaining cook time and displays in minutes
  • Customizable timer alerts you when you need to check on your food
  • Weather indicator in the corner of app
  • Safe – no connection to tank means no chance of leaks
  • Low level alarm at 10%, customizable alarm tone
  • Easy to setup, easy to read, no tools required
  • Email support straight from the app with any issues
  • App for iOS and Android devices

GasWatch’s innovative device is unique in the way in which it reads how much propane is in the tank. Instead of having to place anything inside of the tank or along the hose, thus risking leaks, it uses a scale. Users input the empty tank’s weight via the iOS or Android app, and it automatically subtracts that from the total weight it detects to find the amount of propane that is left. The app then uses an average BTU output to convert the weight into exactly how much cooking time, in minutes, is left in the tank, and sounds an alarm when the propane level reaches below 20 percent. The app also remembers the last recorded propane level, so users have that information handy.

The GasWatch app also includes customizable timer alerts to remind users to check their food, and a weather indicator. The GasWatch scale is a small ring that allows propane tanks to still comfortably fit in any grill cabinet, and is compatible with all propane appliances ranging from gas grills to space heaters to smokers. It is easy to setup, easy to read, and requires no extra tools.

The first 50 contributors to the campaign will receive their GasWatch unit and app for a discounted price of $30. There is also a “Grill Master” reward level available for $150 that features a GasWatch, a BBQ tool set and a $100 Omaha Steaks gift card. For more information about GasWatch before the campaign launches, visit GasWatch’s website here and if you are interesting in funding GasWatch’s new propane tank scale, or just want to find our more information, make sure to check out their Indiegogo campaign here.

Check levels using app
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