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GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station: Review

The GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station is every camp cook’s dream come true.

On our last 50 Campfires Field Trip to the North Shore in Minnesota, we brought along the GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station. It’s a 70-inch wide counter with multiple shelves, a rod to hang your light, and even a sink.

Cooking at the campsite is one of the more enjoyable parts of camping. You’re not in a hurry, you’re outdoors, and you can be as adventurous as you want with the menu. Campsites generally have picnic tables, but they’re not ideal for cooking. First of all, people are usually using them for other things, like gear and card games. Before you know it, there isn’t any space left for the camp cook to do their thing. They’re also not that comfortable to use. You have a small space on the ends that work ok, but the benches get in the way of a comfortable cooking experience everywhere else. Enter the GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station. It’s thoughtfully designed with outdoor cooking in mind.

Here’s what we liked about it:

gci outdoor master cook station camping table

A ridiculous amount of prep and storage

The countertop is about 70 inches long, which is a LOT. In addition to that, there are three foldout side tables and a storage rack. The side tables have wine glass holders, utensil holders, and a cord that holds your paper towels.

gci outdoor master cook station washing dishes

The sink works great

The built-in sink is more rugged than we were expecting. We weren’t worried about forks puncturing it at all. It’s easy to open and close as well.  When you’re finished, just empty it into a bucket and dispose of it properly.

gci outdoor master cook station camping table
Note: the paper towels don’t actually go there. We just wanted them a little closer 🙂

The lantern pole was a nice touch

We’ve been known to search the woods for an 8-foot stick to tie to the picnic table for our lantern. It’s not ideal. The lantern pole was great, not just for cooking, but to have an elevated light over the picnic table all night to hang out as well.

It packs to a manageable size. 

Obviously something like this isn’t going to fit into a backpack, but it’s smaller than you would think. It’s only about six inches wide when it’s all folded together, so it was easy to find space in the car. It weighs 22 lbs, and we liked that it’s all one piece. You don’t have to snap or screw anything together. You can just fold it open and fire up the stove.

If you get excited about menu planning when you go camping, and you pride yourself on the cuisine you create at the campsite, you won’t be disappointed with the GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station. If your meal is so exquisite that you end up using all of the space on it, call us, because that’s a feast we don’t want to miss.

$124 Buy Now

gci outdoor master cook station camping table gci outdoor master cook station camping table

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