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Gear Of The Year: Old Town NEXT Canoe

2014 Gear Of The Year: Old Town NEXT Canoe

gear of the year
2014 Gear Of The Year

You’re ready for adventure on the water. You’ve been thinking about it for the last few years and you’re finally ready to buy a watercraft, but do you go with a kayak or canoe? You like the open storage and stability of a canoe, but you also like how easy it is to maneuver a kayak.

Fret no longer salty dog! The Old Town NEXT Canoe is all of those things and more. It’s a compact 13 foot canoe that paddles like a kayak. It weighs 53 lbs and gives you the best of both worlds. The open hull design of a canoe makes hauling and accessing gear easy – up to 450 lbs of it. The low profile and 29” width allows you to maneuver it as easily as a kayak and the 3-layer hull features a subtle rocker for smooth tracking.

It also uses the Element Seating System, which is adjustable and allows you to shift your weight forward or backward in relation to the amount of gear you’re hauling. It comes in four bright colors that are sure to please any personality.

The Old Town NEXT is a manageable canoe that should be easy for just about anyone to haul and an absolute blast to use. It really does combine the best of both worlds. You’ll be just as comfortable navigating tight river corners for an afternoon, as you will be paddling across your favorite lake. All ages and skill levels will find a home in the Old Town NEXT canoe.

Price: $999.99

old town next canoe
Old Town NEXT Canoe

old town next canoe
Old Town NEXT Canoe

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