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Geared Up – Team Portland

We weren’t sure what to expect when we got to Portland, but we knew we had a trailer full of awesome gear from some of the best outdoor retailers we know. During our 7-day journey, we were tossed a few curveballs so it paid to have a variety of equipment available. We spent the majority of the trip exploring and hiking around Oregon and we were thankful to have jackets, flannels, pants – basically all of the layers – to keep us warm. We would not have made it the week without our trailer of awesome camping gear. Thank You to everyone who contributed to our Portland experience – we were so lucky to have all of the equipment we needed. Our trip turned out to be better than we could have possibly imagined. These products cover everything from proper hiking gear to camping essentials and more. We truly appreciate all of the amazing companies that allow us to camp, hike and explore this wild world.

Mountain Hardwear Plasmonic Jacket One of the essentials for fall and spring hiking is a rain shell. The Mountain Hardwear Plasmonic Jacket goes above and beyond by incorporating their Dry.Q EVAP dry-wicking technology into a package that looks just as good on the streets as it does in the woods. It’s lightweight, water resistant, wind resistant, and highly durable on (and off) the trail. $103.95 - $150.00
Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Jacket When it comes to fall activities, layering your clothing is a must. The weather can change at the drop of a hat, and it’s important to be ready. The Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Jacket is a lightweight, breathable Polartec jacket that’s perfect as a soft outer layer and works just as well underneath a shell. Be one with the monkey: $98.88 - $150.00
Mountain Hardwear Passenger Utility Pants Reminiscent of a pair of classic work pants, Mountain Hardwear put their spin on the Passenger Utility Pant by adding elastane to the 97% cotton build, providing flexibility and durability regardless of where you’re wearing them. Versatile enough to hike, climb and just hang out – these pants are down for the trip! $62.13 - $85.00
Zippo 6-hour hand warmer
Zippo 6-hour hand warmer
Zippo 6-Hour Handwarmers Regardless of what season your prefer to camp in, you should always (ALWAYS) bring extra gear to keep you warm and prepare for changes in temperature. Zippo’s 6-Hour Handwarmers are reliable and easy to pack, lasting up to 6 glorious hours of non-stop heat. Even better? The fill cup is re-fillable so you can reuse the gear on future trips – excellent quality guaranteed. $8.64 - $42.84

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Watch the video below to learn more about the Zippo 6-Hour Hand Warmer

Mountain Hardwear Right Bank Shorts Whether you’re hiking to the summit or running in the sun, Mountain Hardwear Right Bank Shorts will keep you cool and stylish in the great outdoors. Made with 100% polyester, these shorts are versatile and exceptionally well constructed. Pick up your pair today! $42.96 - $64.95
Mountain Hardwear Trekkin Flannel Shirt When is a flannel more than just a “flannel”? When Mountain Hardwear makes it, of course! Built from 100% polyester stretch fabric, this shirt will keep you warm and wick away the moisture when it becomes too much. Think of it as a base layer without the skin-tight feel. Check it out! $42.00 - $95.00
Parks Project Mt Hood Restoration T-Shirt T-Shirts are everyday things for a lot of us – and Parks Project has put a twist on the basic tee. Every product they sell goes toward conserving Parks in the US. This Mount Hood Restoration tee is no exception. Every shirt sold supports the reforestation of Mount Hood National Forest. Count us in! $36.00
Shwood sunglasses
Shwood sunglasses
Shwood Sunglasses Protecting your eyes from harsh UV rays is a must when adventuring outdoors. So, why not add a little style in the process? This unique eyewear brand combines handcrafted design with innovative precision. Made from sustainably harvested wood, Shwood sunglasses are designed to provide comfort, style, and sun protection. Each pair of shades feature 100% UVA/UVB protective lenses. $129.00 - $189.00

Watch the video below to learn more about Shwood Sunglasses!

Full Curl: Live With Intention T-Shirt Sometimes you just can’t even and you need a shirt that’ll do the talking for you. If that’s the case, Full Curl has you covered with their super comfy "Live With Intention – Die With Legacy" tee. Printed with water based dyes and discharge ink –this isn’t your average t-shirt. A great collaboration piece with artist Gavin Duecker – check it out! $26.50
Full Curl: Ram Skull T-Shirt Modern outdoor adventure seekers, hikers, kayakers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts will love the motto on this Full Curl t-shirt: "...for those of us that enjoy going further, seeing things most never dream of and pushing ourselves to always see what’s over the next ridge." Sounds good to us! $26.50
Purnell Canvas 4-Pocket Pants From the sidewalk to the trailhead and back again. If you’re like us, you’re always on the hunt for the perfect crossover clothing. Something that’s just as acceptable at happy hour as it is around the campfire. The Purnell Canvas 4-Pocket pant stretches for easy mobility, while maintaining a great looking form. Comfy to wear, all day long. $76.00
Purnell Hoodie For Backpacks We wait all year long for "hoodie weather" to arrive. When it’s cool enough to wear a hooded sweatshirt both indoors – and out. After identifying the problem of the hoodie/backpack combo, Purnell created a solution. Their Hoodie For Backpacks features a dropped shoulder seam, making it the perfect hiking companion. Combined with front zippered pockets, this is a great shirt to layer underneath your jacket as well. $24.63 - $75.95
Purnell Plaid Flannel Flannel shirts have come, gone, and come back into fashion for one simple reason. They’re awesome. The Purnell Plaid Flannel definitely does the trick. Made from 100% extra soft cotton– this shirt will feel like you’ve owned it for years. Built to last, this flannel offers an insulated layer for any temperature. $64.00
Purnell Stretch Twill Shirt Have you ever put on a shirt that felt like it was made just for you? That’s the best way to describe the Purnell Stretch Twill. It flexes in all the right places and the soft fabric will keep you warm and happy. Constructed from 97% cotton, this shirt is where modern style meets vintage throwback. $76.00
Hi-Tec Trail Ox Chukka Brown
Hi-Tec Altitude OX
Hi-Tec Trail Ox Chukka Brown Much like your favorite pair of jeans, the Hi-Tec Trail Ox Chukka is form-fitting just for you, thanks to the OrthoLite Impressions insole. Combine that with waterproof technology and an outer layer that repels water and dirt – and you’ve got a boot that moves from trail to happy hour effortlessly. $109.99
Hi-Tec Altitude OX Hi-Tec recognizes that most people need footwear for multiple uses. A hiking boot is great, but a hiking boot that translates to the office is even better. The Altitude OX boot is entirely waterproof and uses Dri-Tec technology to keep your feet dry in a storm - or the conference room. The OthoLite insoles are form-fitting and the Michelin outsole adds stability and non-slip grip – you can handle anything in these bad boys. $100.80 - $120.59

Watch the video below to learn more about the Hi-Tec Altitude OX

Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs
Biscuits and Gravy
Biscuits and Gravy
Mountain House Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs Whether you’re ravenous after a long hike or wanting to start your morning with a hot and ready meal, Mountain House Scrambled Eggs will not disappoint. The eggs are warm and fluffy and your food is ready to serve after 10 short minutes; just add water! Packing for a day hike? These lightweight packages are easy to stash and even easier to enjoy. $4.99
Mountain House Breakfast: Biscuits and Gravy Mountain House breakfast packs are made with high-quality ingredients and home-cooked flavor. The Biscuits and Gravy are especially delicious (trust us!) and they require virtually no prep work! Simply boil some water and pour it into the pouch –it’s that easy, folks. The soft and flaky biscuits with the thick, creamy gravy will satisfy your cravings immediately – morning, noon, or night. $5.99

Watch the video below to learn more about Mountain House Meals

Portland Woolen Mills Sleeping Bag
Portland Woolen Mills Sleeping Bag
Portland Woolen Mills Sleeping Bag If you’re concerned about staying warm overnight, you might want to consider picking up a Portland Woolen Mills Sleeping Bag (just in case). Highly trusted by Portland residents as a solid specialty retailer, this historic mill has been in operation since 1905. Their insulated sleeping bags are made from soft merino wool, offering a comfortable, restful night of sleep. AVAILABLE SOON

Watch the video below to learn more about the Portland Woolen Mills Sleeping Bag

Mountain Hardwear Shifter 4 The Mountain Hardwear Shifter 4 is a great option for tent camping. The tent design offers versatility and convenience for privacy and protection from changing weatherpatterns. The canopy features a soft mesh covering which allows for excellent ventilation and the rain fly is adjustable to meet your every need. The interior of the tent can accommodate up to 4 people and you’ll have no trouble storing your belongings. $298.95
Kerfluffle If you’re looking to pick-up a treat for your next hiking trip, check out Kerfluffle! Non-GMO creamy peanut butter is combined with fluffy marshmallow magic – the name says it all. Spoon this tasty spread over fruit, toast, or whatever else you can dream up. Say hello to your newest obsession. $7.99
The Orion 45 If you’re looking for a multi-purpose cooler that can do just about anything, the Orion 45 is for you. Smartly packed, this portable cooler can store anything from large cases of soda to medium-sized cuts of meat, with room to spare. You can also use the 45 as a handy casting platform or a padded seat around the campfire. You’ll find plenty of uses for this camping cooler – even if you only reserve it for long weekends at the cabin. $449.00
Coast FL75R Headlamp This Coast FL75R Headlamp is rechargeable, practical, and bright as ever. The Flex Charge Dual Power System allows for easy mobility and durability. Impact resistant and user friendly, this high-performing headlamp contains multiple settings and lighting styles. Shine on! $109.99
Coast FX350 Knife Packing the essentials will help you survive any camping crisis (no matter how small) – or at least improve your situation. The Coast FX350 is a great tool to keep on-hand, featuring a stainless-steel blade and no-slip grip handle. The 9Cr17Mov blade offers multiple carrying positions and if you still aren’t convinced – this knife contains a Coast lifetime warranty. $18.91
Coast HP314 Flashlight Nighttime exploring is taken to a whole new level with the Coast HP314 flashlight. The Long Range Focusing Optic System (say that five times fast) allows for spotting objects up to a third of a mile away. Not to mention the Slide Focus technology that acts as a floodlight, should you need to illuminate a larger area. There’s even a high-powered strobe feature – for impromptu dance parties? $172.45

Watch the video below to learn more about the Coast FL75R Headlamp

Clean Trek
Clean Trek
Clean Trek If you’ve spent some time outdoors, hiking over bluffs or trekking through canyons –you understand the importance of maintaining good hygiene and staying clean. Taking care of yourself can prevent infection, improve your mood, and make you feel better after a long day of activity. Clean Trek uses eco-friendly products that allow you to feel fresh and rejuvenated for hours on end. They carry everything from body cleansing wipes to gear spray –all so you can enjoy your time, odor-free. $2.99 - $6.99

Watch the video below to learn more about the Clean Trek Odor Control Body Towels

Watch the video below to learn more about the Clean Trek Body Wash and 2-N-1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Purnell Possum Beanie When life gives you possums – make a hat? The folks at Purnell are turning the incredibly soft, warm fur of the New Zealand brushtail possum into a great looking beanie appropriately named "Awesome Possum". Made with blended wool and nylon, the result is a hat that’s built for the great outdoors. $45.00
Outdoor Research Belmont Hoody Designed and manufactured with all the care that we’ve come to expect from Outdoor Research, the Belmont Hoody is truly a sweatshirt unicorn. The sweater-knit material provides a soft shell for fall temperatures, and the quality of construction guarantees a piece that will last –OR’s Infinite Guarantee. $139.00
First Lite Vapor Stormlight Ultralight Rain Jacket There are a few pieces of clothing that you should never skimp on; socks, shoes and rain jackets. The First Light Vapor Stormlight is built for comfort and packed with technology. Weighing just 12 ounces it boasts waterproof zippers and a Turret Hood. Built with 37.5 Technology, this jacket will stay nice and breezy all day long. You’ll want to try this out for yourself! $261.25 - $285.00
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