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original nomad portable hot tub

Get The Party Started With The Original Nomad Portable Hot Tub

Forget bringing the kitchen sink…bring a hot tub!

Looking to step up your glamping game? Why not throw in the Original Nomad Portable Hot Tub? Just think about the expression on your friend’s faces when they roll up an you’re sitting in a hot tub on the beach sipping a cold one. Mind=blown.

The Nomad Hot Tub holds four people and will get up to a toasty 105 degrees F. Nice! It will set you back about a grand but hey, you’re having a hot tub party in the middle of nowhere! And to the folks at Original Nomad – we’d gladly field test it anytime 😉

original nomad portable hot tub
The Original Nomad Portable Hot Tub
original nomad portable hot tub
The Original Nomad Portable Hot Tub
original nomad portable hot tub
Th Original Nomad Portable Hot Tub

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