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Giraffe Manor Gives Guests Up-Close Opportunity For Conservation

“Giraffe Manor” may sound like the latest reality show from one of the major streaming services but it is far from it. The Giraffe Manor is an experiential hotel in Kenya that puts its namesake in the spotlight.

Those who choose to stay at Giraffe Manor are often treated to a surprise wake-up, a gueststar at meals, or, at the very least, incredible visuals of the endangered animal. CBSNews recently did a story on the project and reported on the tourism that funds the conservation work. It detailed how the money is used to maintain a breeding program. The results speak for themselves: the population of giraffe’s in Kenya has grown from just 76, to 1,200 over the last 40 years. That stands in stark contrast to seven other African countries that have seen giraffe’s go extinct within their borders.

Work is on-going. Conservationist Arthur Muneza told the outlet that time is running out and that because so many are familiar with the animal, few realize how endangered they are.

“If we don’t act now, we might lose them,” he said. “This has happened actually in the last 30 to 40 years, where we’ve seen giraffes have gone extinct.”

Those who have experienced a trip, have raved.

Giraffe Manor is set on 12 acres — within 140 acres of indigenous forest — outside of Nairobi. Giraffe Manor is also one of Nairobi’s most iconic buildings. It is a historic manor house that brings a 1930s-feel and inspires visions of early adventurers.

Most all are booking there for a chance to see the herd of Rothschild’s giraffes that live on the land. The website has just posted its rates for the 2023 calendar year. If you want to visit, check it out.

“It was quite amazing, because I’ve never thought of giraffes being so friendly, but I was amazed to see such a big giant,” Emmanuel Ngumbi said to CBSNews. “We need to stick out our necks out for the giraffes and make the world understand they are an iconic species. We need to save them for the future.”

Shannon Turner visited from America. She said that combining the life-saving efforts with the incredible experience exceeded her expecations.

“This place is mind blowing,” she added that helping to protect Africa’s giraffes, “just made the whole experience better.”

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