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Global Destinations To Make Holiday Travel More Fun

Autumn and early winter are some of the best times of the year to travel. Most airlines, hotels and attractions offer great values that are not available during peak seasons.

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It is getting a little too chilly to convince the family to rough it but with Thanksgiving on the horizon and the pre-New Year’s rush coming, there is still time to surprise the family with a getaway.

Misty Ewing Belles tracks Americans’ travel trends for Virtuoso. She has 10 recommendations for budget-conscious jet-setters.


“Fall is a beautiful time to travel to Europe,” Belles said. France and the United Kingdom continue to be very popular with Americans, but Germany offers “beautiful five-star hotels… (for) maybe 20, 30 percent less than you would pay in other European cities.”

The Southern Hemisphere

Dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, go on a safari in South Africa or explore the beautiful islands of New Zealand — there is something for everyone in these warm, welcoming countries. (Plus, they’re experiencing spring and summer during our cold months!)

Our neighbor to the north

Winter sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Canada. Belles said it’s also a great starting point for trips to other parts of the world, including…


“China is a fascinating destination, really because of the mark China is making on the rest of the world,” Belles said. From nightlife in vibrant Beijing to river cruises in rural China, travelers are guaranteed to find something that appeals to them.

Vacations for foodies

Both Italy and Mexico are famous for their food. “The cuisine is so iconic (in Mexico) and it’s such a part of their culture,” Belles said.

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