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GO-TO GEAR: The RapidPure Purifier+ Insulated Steel Bottle

The RapidPure® Purifier+ Insulated Bottle allows for fast, effective water purification as you drink. No pressing, squeezing, priming, or backflushing is required, leaving you with purified water in every sip! Their insulated double-wall stainless steel bottle is made with technology to protect its users from viruses, bacteria and parasites.

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By combining water purification and filtration into one dual-action system, RapidPure’s water purifiers remove pathogens 100x smaller than traditional water filters, so you can have clean, great-tasting water any time, whether you’re on the trails or at work.

Purifier+ Insulated Steel Bottle
Great for hiking, camping, hunting, kayaking, and so much more!

With water, it’s what you can’t see that makes you sick, but finding effective water treatment solutions is more of an adventure than it should be. RapidPure was designed to take the uncertainty out of water treatment and has been tested to exceed EPA standards as a purifier. In fact, their dual-action system is 100x more effective at removing virtual pathogens when compared to traditional 0.2-micron filters alone!

Check out the RapidPure Purifier+ Insulated Steel Bottle

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