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3 Great Ways Your Everyday Banking Choices Can Help You Travel More 

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Ah, summer. Perhaps you’re looking forward to some time off as the days get longer and warmer. Or maybe you’re planning a relaxing vacation in some far-off land with loved ones, or on your own. 

Once you start crunching the numbers, however, the vacation budget can start to rise quickly, and that summertime goal of relaxing can get very stressful.

If you’re looking to save money (and really, who isn’t with all this inflation?), and still figure out a way to pack your bags for some exciting trips around the world, we invite you to look into the following banking options available via BankBonus.com that can help you strategize to save more, and score points for travel.

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Strategy one: Open a new checking or savings account to earn a signup bonus

A lot of banks will give out signing bonuses as an incentive for customers to sign up. If you plan it right, these bonuses can help move you closer to your travel goals. Here are some options: 

Citi is offering up to $2000 when opening a Citi Priority Account. This offer is available in most states and is dependent on how much money you put in the account. If you deposit $10,000 you’ll earn $200 and if you want the full $2,000, you’ll have to deposit $300,000. When you open the account you’ll have 20 days to deposit the money into the account.

Open a Chase Total Checking for a $200 sign-on bonus. Chase Total Checking is the most popular checking account from one of the most well-trusted banks in the United States. You must make your initial deposit within 90 days, and you’ll receive your sign-on within 15 days. The offer is not valid to existing Chase Bank customers and you must keep the account open for at least six months, or Chase will take back the bonus.

Western Alliance Bank has a limited-time offer on a 5.05% APY. All you need to do is add money to the account, there is no minimum requirement nor is there a cap on the amount you can earn. The interest compounds daily and will be added to your account every month. There are no monthly fees and you can open the account online.

Strategy 2: Use your account to save faster with high-yield accounts

Check with your bank to ask about options for a high-yield account. Putting aside your travel funds through the year into an account that gives you more, will give you that little bit extra for your trip.  

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Strategy 3: Use a travel bonus credit cards to pay for everyday purchases

Since you’re going to buy groceries, toiletries and gas anyway, why not leverage your everyday purchases to help you earn points that you can use to fly, stay or explore. Here are some options from Cit and Capital One.

The Citi Premier Card is a travel card and a cash-back card with travel partners, gift cards, and shopping points. The card has a $95 annual fee but has over a dozen transfer airline partners as well as a welcome offer. You’ll earn 1-5 times cashback.

  • With a handful of travel rewards, the Capital One Venture Rewards Travel Credit Card is one of the most well-known travel cards on the market. With straightforward flat-rate miles on all purchases, you’ll have the opportunity to earn higher rewards when you book trips through them.
  • Citi Double Cash Card- 18-month BT offer is a straightforward credit card with no annual fee. With a flat rate of 2% on rewards and 1% on other purchases, and another 1% when you make payments on time, your incentives come as you build your credit score and by making payments on time. The benefits are limited, as there’s no annual fee and there is a foreign transaction fee.

It’s important to examine the details, plan responsibly, and understand what you are signing up for – including all payment details, interest rates and cancellation policies. If you can find a solution that makes sense for you financially, then leveraging perks and bonuses, such as the options above, can help you save faster, and travel further.

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