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Herd of Cows Help Cops Track Suspect on Chase

Mooooove over Scooby and the Gang, a herd of cows is, literally, helping police round up criminals. I’ll try to stop the puns.

A story gained attention in Wales last week when a twitter account started following a suspect on the run. The account was not just anyone, it was for The National Police Air Service! The group supports multiple police forces across England and Wales. The pilots can be heard discussing the cows and then relaying the information to officers on the ground. The whole thing took a turn when cows approached the suspect and followed him until he was apprehended.

“He’s actually being chased by some cows at the moment,” can be heard. “The unit at the track waving at me? Yeah, if you walk up that track I’ll tell you when you are near him.”

Commenters had a field day with this one.

The operator of the account took the opportunity to spin out some puns.

“Watch the moment a man on the run from @DC_Police was herded up by a group of cows in Devon and mooved out of their field into the arms of waiting Police Officers,” they posted. “However we did have to remind the cows not to take the law into their own hoofs.”

Devon and Cornwall Police — the force that arrested the man — could not let this one stay out to pasture. It tweeted: “The fact they thought they could get away from our undercover cow-pers was udderly ridiculous.”

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