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Hot Sauce Taste Test Along the Great River Road

50 Campfires Hot Sauce Connoisseurs

When it comes to culinary adventures, when you’re in the South … you taste test hot sauces. But 50 Campfires didn’t see the point of another “Who can eat the hottest hot sauce” kind of test. The internets full of those if you want to watch people turning red, hiccupping, guzzling milk, and throwing up.

Instead, during the Field Trip: Great River Road in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, Clint and Nick decided to taste test hot sauces for real flavor. What sauce that they picked up in their travels best-complimented neutral flavored food. Their choice was an ordinary grilled cheese sandwich. To cleanse their palates between tastings … local craft brews, of course.

If you’d like to sample any of these hot sauces for yourself, you can order them straight from here!

Vampfire Hot Sauce from Transylvania

Crystal brand is a well known, widely available hot sauce.

Bat's Brew Hot Sauce

Louisiana Gold hot sauce

Well known Louisiana Hot Sauce was a test subject on the Field Trip Great River Road.

Trappey's Bull Hot Sauce

Panola Hot Sauce is clear with a pepper and garlic clove inside the bottle.


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