Ice Fishing Safety Tips

As it nears late winter/early spring, you need to make sure you’re safe as possible when ice fishing. There are some things you need to take into consideration when factoring in safety. First of all, don’t trust what others are telling you. Don’t let someone telling you the ice is safe make you let your guard down. Make your own assessment. Is there any open water? Is the ice starting to change colors? You’ll start to see dark spots as the ice thins. Another thing to be thinking about is the fact that the ice starts to go out by the shoreline. As the ice starts to go out along the shore, it could indicate your fishing is just about up. Lastly, if you’re out ice fishing during the end of the year, consider having a pair of ice picks with you. A lot of people will carry them around their neck because given the chance you do fall through the ice, you can use them to keep you up and to help get back on the ice. Remember, safety always comes first!

ice fishing safety