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Kahlua Roasted Marshmallow Shots

Thank you sir, may I have another?

These look  just as fun to make as they do to eat/drink! This comes from the QC Products book, “Put A Little Spark In Your Ash.” They’re a company from Iowa with a great line of cookbooks. All you do is carefully hollow out the marshmallow and fill er’ up. I’m imagining caramel vodka, root beer schnapps, or even cake flavored vodka in there. All would make for a fun grown up dessert after dinner.

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How do you make them?

The secret here is going to be a very patient marshmallow roaster. You know what I’m talking about – the kind that takes like 10 minutes to make. You’ll need that nice brown, toasted outside to hold your spirits.

Pretty sure I’m going to give the Kahlua roasted marshmallow shots a try at my cabin this weekend.

kahlua roasted marshmallow shot
Roasted Marshmallow Kahlua Shots
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