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Klean Kanteen 32oz Vacuum Insulated Growler Review

Klean Kanteen’s products are known to focus their style and design on providing customers with BPA free and easy to clean products. This vacuum insulated 32oz Growler is no different. Made with 100% stainless steel, this canteen is durable and safe for you to bring your drinks with you anywhere you go. Speaking of drinks, if you have a tasty cold beverage inside, it will keep cold for 24 hours! Perfect for long treks in the woods, because everyone knows how refreshing it is to gulp down a swig of hot water when you’re thirsty. NOT. This canteen is tough, functional, and has a lifetime warranty. We at 50 Campfires think this canteen is a vessel worth having.


Appearance– The Klean Kanteen is a sexy and smooth stainless steal vessel that is built for anything. It has a clean-cut design and a removable Swing Lok Cap. There is nothing about the look of this canteen that would keep you away. It’s double-wall vacuum insulation also makes for thick sturdy walls that will keep your drinks at optimal temperature.

BPA Free Klean Kanteen
Klean Kanteen 32oz Insulated Growler


Ease Of Use– The Swing Lok Cap creates a tight seal allowing no room for leaks, so slight pressure is needed to lock and unlock the cap, but it’s not too tough. The vessel is large enough to fit 32oz of liquid, but is still easy to grip with one hand. This is coming from a smaller sized hand too, so unless you are a very young child you will have no problem holding it. The removable cap also has a place for you to connect a carabiner to it and attach to your backpack or belt for easy on-the-go use. Just a hint, make sure you attach the carabiner to the fixed part of the cap so it doesn’t pop open. The opening of the canteen is wide enough to fit whole ice cubes, but not too big that water will splash all over your face when drinking, which is always a plus. Klean Kanteen seems to have found the perfect balance between size and proper functionality.

Durability– This product is made of 100% 18/8 Food-Grade stainless steel and meant to last a lifetime, so the conclusion is that it’s very durable. It is recommended that you hand wash only and do not freeze or put it into the microwave.

Weight– Without any water or other liquid inside this canteen weighs about 16.6oz with the Swing Lok Cap attached. For how much it can hold, and it’s durability, it is not a heavy choice. If you compare it to a plastic water bottle like a Camelback, it is going to be heavier, but it has far superior benefits. Of course, when water is added the canteen will weigh more but it is not overwhelming.

Easy Pour Stainless Steal Canteen
Klean Kanteen 32oz Insulated Growler

Value– The insulated Growler runs for $54.95 and can be bought directly on the Klean Kanteen website. Since the product is over $50 there is no shipping fee and if you order two or more canteens you will save %5 on the purchase. The real value in the product comes from it’s safety to your body and the environment, and its ability to keep your drinks cold and refreshing for hours on end.

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